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I'm in the process of building a Toylander series 1 (for my sons, honest) as they are the only type of Land Rover that I can afford at the moment. The time has come to paint it, and naturally it will be going Deep Bronze Green - the same as my Series 3 was. I'm a bit stuck for paint, though. I want to roller or brush it on - the boy will undoubtedly run it into a wall at some point and I want repairs to be quick and easy, so some sort of gloss paint would be great. Can anybody help me with paint suppliers? I rang Pete at Christian Autos in Bristol and he can't get it since the local paint company closed, and Paddocks don't seem to sell it any more according to their website. Any suggestions please?

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ooooo. Good thread. I need to get some paint as i will need to weld in repair panels on the bulkhead at some point and my body cappings are horrible and rust coloured at the moment. I'd love something i could apply with the brush, but not so you would notice it too readily.

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Thankyou very much for your replies - I contacted the company in Cannock and will pick some up next time i'm up there.

Phillis - Deep Bronze Green is simply the 'correct' colour for series Land Rovers. :P Toylander coming along well. I primed the front end tonight, the rest will be done by the end of the weekend. Motor test fit next week, then hopefully back to painting next weekend.

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After making some repairs to my early 110 I was in the market for some brushable Trident Green.

This colour seems not to be in the Spare paints range, but I ended up with coach enamel from Craftmaster paints. Ordered online and it arrived next day, well packaged.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the paint and how well it covers.

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