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Really stupid roof gutter question

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Hi all

Are roof gutters on Defender's filed with any sealant or something like this? I fitted my roof rack to my 110 yesterday and there was a lot of what I thought was sealant in the gutter. Then this morning out of the window at work I spotted a 90 in the car park and this doesn't appear to have anything in the gutter.

If it's just cack that has build up over its 29 year history then I think the roof rack with fit better if I remove all this gunk. If it's meant to be there then I'll just leave it.


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Early 90/110 don't have any sealant in the gutters but defenders do in 200tdi form don't know about later ones.


They dont come much earlier than mine (84) and its got white sealent between the seams. It was put there before the gutter was fastned to the roof so I'm pretty sure its OEM.

However it was old and cracked (like its owner), so I cleaned it out and sikaflexed it

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My series has it, obviously dried up and shrunk now, Discovery 1&2 have it, and most if not all defender/90/110's i have seen, or at least taken note of, have had it

i would assume that it is a factory fit thing, 90% of the time the rivets are all 100% covered by the sealant

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My 1993 110 had a significant amount of hard, cracked "stuff" in the gutters. It was quite a thickness in areas.

When I dug it out with a chisel and various other tools it took a few hours. I found quite a few corroded areas where water had obviously got under it.

I cleaned it out, primed it and then applied Tigerseal. (The wagon is still mid-build in the garage so hasn't seen rain yet! Can't say how effective it is)

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