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Anybody seen one of these in the flesh??


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New Transmission guard from Britpart for the Defender, part no. DA5625


Just wondered what they were like. Seem like a useful alternative to North Offroad skid plates.



looks neat how much are they?

only thing is its another thing to trap and scoop up mud

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Anybody seen one of these in the flesh??

I did!

It's damn large!

I wouldn't use it,better if you have the chance to make smaller section,"ad hoc",to protect separate section where needed IMHO.

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You could make one of those. The plate looks dead flat to me - the only fiddly bit is making the brackets for it. Do you think you need one though? I don't think I've heard of anyone smashing their transmission, although some poor soul got their PTO busted at the last Bash didn't they? (DarthDicky?)

Les. :)

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Yeah I broke the PTO, but it did hang down just below the level of the chassis. I think I prefer the design of mine...


Dave said that an old version they made was more enclosed and they had some problems with heat building up, hence mine is more open and only protects the bits that need it. Judging by the scrapes on it, it's doing its job well :D

Do you have to take it off to check the transfer box oil level etc.? I can get to mine without removing it, although I think to drain it I'll have to take it off.


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This is mine,

8mm Dural, bolted directly to the chassis with a 6inch 60-degree kickup at the front to stop crud buildup.

Gearbox crossmember has been raised to chassis level. Fuel tank guard on right and now a guard on the left for the hydraulic valve block that sits in front of the battery box.




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