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Just maybe......Just maybe... the misfire has gone ?


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Up early sparrow type time, into garage to see if I could track the misfire fault...

Jeeez, this morning it barely ran......

FINALLY after much faffing about it did...

Got it outside in the sun, swore at it, and did a load more tests, swapped for known good Fuel pump, changed PRV ran hoses to jerry can and back to check internal pipes hadn't colapsed, etc etc etc all and everything was / were EXACTLY as they should be :angry:

Decided to pull the injectors out

4 hours later turned key....

Started and ran loverley..... :unsure: ...but its done this before.

Left it on tickover, went for a hard blast about...tick over...stooped it, started it scratched head, seems ok........

Had a coffee, then looked at the box of injectors I had taken out,

mused to myself that I just wish I could SEE what was broken with an injector,

wiped them with a petrolly rag and.........



As you can see BIG thin crack, runs from base of tip to top, around top edge and then down the other side :D ..can't be good for it, maybe this is it ?..never seem one ever before in my life, so as I know a man who knows about injectors (Perv are you reading this ? - ) .....I'd like to know the possible effects ?

It could just maybe........................... :unsure: PLEASE !

Anyway, going to give the 'engine hell' this PM ........see what it does....

Seriously - I'd like to thank all on the forum for there help over the last few months with this,

esp Ian G (BBC) for moral support, help and not laughing :D too much

I do have a smile today....see if it lasts :D ..HBRO DRD Test time 3rd Dec B)

Nige :D

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pity you can't connect it up and get it to spray into a can or other similar device to catch the fuel to see what the spray pattern is like

I'd wager it is all over the place or not working at all.

Well done on persevering though.

I do hope it is cured.

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Suusex coutryside+Loads of RPM+100Miles+Grin = Loooverleee :)

I'm going to get all the injectors tested, inc the cracked one,

if they can say "Yep HORRIBLE blah blah" then I will feel more hopeful that I have finally found it. Cannot image that the injector in the picture would work properly, having spoekn to perv his thoughts are it would prob squirt not spray (difficult to then ignite) and prob not seal - so might leak, and would get worse as it get hot, and as I hasve wasted spark, that could explain the sometimes huge misfire on start up - ie dribbling back into exhaust then igniting on waste spark system :blink:

Oh please lord let this be the misfire gone :rolleyes:

Looking more hopeful and more likley now, ........3rd dec will be a big testy day :D

Nige :)

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Excellent !! :i-m_so_happy:

Well, misfire had to be either ignition or injection and as you/we had pretty much exhausted all options with the ignition, then the fault had to be beyond the injector resistor pack, as anything before that point would cause the loss of a complete bank.

Well done on actually finding the cracked injector ………….. I strongly suspect that the injector will stop completely as it gets hot……….. it will be good to see the test results on all the removed injectors ;)



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Used the other half today.........

Started loverly, better than I can remember for months and months, and once warmed up was faultless..

It just could be..... :D

Injector testy time for confirmation :)

All I need to do today is nip out and shove another £50 in :blink:

Less than 200 miles and 12 gallons :lol:


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Very Droll....




I did wonder if I would ever find out what the prob was, never had anything this extreme to find, maybe that what comes from buying an old race V8 in bits in 2 tea chests that have been sold through 3x owners.... pre moi over a number of years....:lol:

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Jeez, that's definitely not gonna be doing it any favours :blink:

Considering your "driving style" that's not bad MPG - Mr Morfee I'm amazed you get double figures in the Zebra :lol:

The Range was hovering round 19mpg until the fuel filler cap decided to leak on every left-hander, reckon I'm losing the top gallon or more every fill up :blink: so need to sort that quick sharp! :(

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