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Top wing Vents - Rear Facing ?


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Righty Ho.


In the huge rebuild of the 90 following a electrical fire which did major damage :wacko:

I have had the 90 stripped to the bulkhead both sides, and in the process spotted the heater was 98% full of solids LOL


So, having stripped that new core (as the mud clear meant it then was free to leak :D ) I looked the the issue that the wing vent when one goes playing "Submarines" allows water to enter "Rapidly"....and then pours through into the passenger can area ....lol


Even worse are the after market "Forward Facing Ram scoop" types, will be like a supercharged funnel


Anyone seen REAR facing (ie where the opening on the wing top vents are on the bulkhead side) vs front facing ?

If so can you link / post up who makes them, otherwise its another job to fix on the list !


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warning geek alert! :-)

in a previous life I had to do wind loading calculations for antennas, one thing that always took engineers by surprise were mesh dishes.

In simplistic terms, above a certain air speed meshes behave like a solid sheet and in general the smaller the hole the lower the speed.

The ones you see on the bay have quite small holes and even at LR road speeds they will not behave how you might expect.

As it happens just this week I stuck a bilge blower in my heater and before I put the screws back in, the cheapo plastic ram cover that was on my heater was actually being sucked onto the vent - a serious restriction. ( I just put a few 25mm holes in it till my proper vent cover arrives )




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