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  1. Cool, 90% is default Turn the other one off and fingers crossed then
  2. Doh, screens are similar, but called 'Decel fuel amount' in MS2.
  3. Ah, I see, I think MS1 029v... Firstly I would turn that off, and go for a drive, see what difference it makes, if it helps, then great, we can look elsewhere Second, that setting is a bit of a big hammer blow to the engine, there is a better way.... so turn that off, then go into 'Accel Enrichment Wizard', look at the 'Decel fuel amount (%)', report back... I have previously run autos with 0% in there, however... they ran like you describe, and actually are much better/smoother when set to about 80% when coming back on the throttle, not sure why, but you can't cut it that much in there
  4. What code version are you on? MS1/2/3 and version? 029v or...?
  5. What percentage overrun fuel are you running? Auto or manual? Do you have your AE tuned nicely?
  6. 8 should be very good if on petrol. To get more turnage, then you will have take the distributor out and rotate it, and then move the leads round one notch. Sounds like you don't need to though. You checked the TPS? Smooth and non-glitchy?
  7. HH, I can take one at a time ...
  8. Good news, well done on pursuing them, let us know when it finally arrives!
  9. I dunno about most, but I have used that, with very thinned waxoil, and it atomised it nicely.
  10. Clearing roads is one thing, I doubt anyone would really complain But taking from a managed woodland is totally different -remember fallen timber is often left in managed land to promote habitat for insects and other wildlife, by removing it you destroy their home
  11. Err, yep 'Everything is owned by somebody' Even deadwood.
  12. Nope.... General info: suspect the Forestry Commission will have more info on their site.
  13. If you think a Freebie will do what you want, considered a Suzuki Grand Vitara? Larger, more reliable, and pretty cheap to buy, even the long wheel base ones. Otherwise yes, a Disco sounds like the ticket to me, you will find the Freebie quite small if you want to seat a lot of people, and carry tenting gear.
  14. Pull the shaft a little, degrease, RTV sealant and push back home, do up the bolts. Wipe any excess sealant, and degrease wheel when sealant is cured
  15. Given your CTS is telling your ECU it is -40C, I would bargain that once that is sorted everything else will be OK given it is at least running -it definitely will cause bogging on acceleration for one. The other issue I'm unsure of, but then I am much more familiar with the hotwire set up. Do you hold the flap open in the test you describe? Either way, wait on the CTS, reckon all else will be OK