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  1. Ah fair enough been helpful if the full info was there in the OP
  2. Could just be the head gasket? Take the head off and get it crack tested, then decide one whether to replace it, you can't test this with the head on.
  3. Box nothing to do with headlamps: Does it go well?
  4. So 588,3 - 586,3 mm to inner face of crossmember? I've not done what you are asking, an IVa would be needed in UK. In Aus, what's the rules over there fore modified vehicles? I was under the impression it was potentially more strict than over here? Something to do with being 'engineeered'?
  5. If you were running LPG for example, I would go with the higher energy item.
  6. Take the door panel off, and make sure all the rods are in place that should be, not bent, and that none of the bushing have fallen out or disintegrated. Also, check hinge alignment, as too much pressure on the locking mechanism can make it tricky to open. My passenger door does this, but being a passenger door, it doesn't get fixed
  7. I've found SimonBBC's products very good: Do you have 25D6 or 45D6 distributor? If it is in good order, you can just fit the pickup and amp, which keeps costs down nicely. But yes, I would MJ it too
  8. Shiny
  9. Never doubted you of course, but i guess this is one of those oddities between mainland and NI tests, presume maybe more in line with EU standards given your land border is invisible? I've heard some other stories about NI and Irish cars, insurance etc, so it doesn't surprise me it may be more strict over there.
  10. Absolutely. Thing is, with MOT computerisation, unless it exists as an RFR then it is tricky to fail it, but we shall see
  11. Unscrew knock sensor, throw in bin -hole in block is blind so no oil/coolant leaks to worry about
  12. Q is also for 'radically altered vehicles'.
  13. True CW, this is a pic I found elsewhere: Was the input gear a cross-drilled short spline version of some sort? Looking at that, there's probably 50% more spline engagement with the second picture (from a TD5), you can just see the wear near the root of the spline.
  14. I can't see it in the inspection manual....