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  1. A quarter the parts cost of a new car is now that electronics.... That should tell you all you need to know really, they are a consumer good, nothing more.
  2. Sounds like fuel starvation to me... Dead fuel pump or kinked/blocked fuel supply lines, filter, carb float needle etc...
  3. But once it locks, that is it, surely?
  4. Ehem, Nige, not wishing to sound at all argumentative, but your post seems a little OTT, no-one has slung mud at anyone since the first page, and the discussion has moved way over to being pretty constructive. I don't think CR is upset about where the thread has gone... and if anything I have said has caused anyone any offence, I promise it was not the intention. However, as asked, I'll move on, I do hope that the feedback on this thread has at least made the A&M team think about how things can improve. Out.
  5. I don't think any OT section would allow drivel, or arguing, or pettiness. The mutual respect given by others on here is unlikely to change, and the post pre-moderation for newbies is excellent at keeping the riff raff out If all we end up with is a technical resource, people will come from google, read, and then disappear. If there is a chance of more we have killed it off, as well as the prospect of building the community (that is after all what it is also supposed to be, I think). Also, to reb78's point, the problem with this thread was caused by someone being extremely rude to another member, exacerbated by own personal situation. That, even in an OT forum, would not ever be acceptable. I don't think this thread has been about bickering, at least not the way I have read it.
  6. Compression and / or sniff test the coolant. If it is that much you can probably see bubbles in the header tank, or smell coolant in the exhaust.
  7. If you have a facebook group, all you do is point people away from your website, not good, at all. Plus there are people like me, who refuse to use faceache unless I absolutely have to, then deactivate the account immediately afterwards. I think the rub is still, that whilst this is a technical resource, it can also be other things. I guess it is up to the A&M team to decide what they want, if anything, to do about it. I'm not suggesting a free-for-all type section, but somewhere that allows a bit of natter would always be good... I mean look at the 'bucket' threads, they keep resurfacing, and they are not technical, land rover related, and in some cases of no benefit to the members, aside from providing a giggle.... yet they are allowed BTW, assuming that posting it in the Defender section could be classed as 'vehicle-ist', you know other members of the LR family of vehicles also include dog owners
  8. Well me also... I'm fairly sure I've offered in the past, but hey
  9. Well I would disagree there
  10. Perhaps the forum charter is in need of review (note, not necessarily change, but review).
  11. Agreed, especially about the SW bit. In the days that Faceache and Tweelookatme are the norm, a forum is quite old school really. It is definitely the preferred option for a technical forum though! It must be difficult for younger chaps who have only ever seen social media, and it transient nature, to adjust to a forum, where things live on. I'd suspect a open topic forum would a) ease people through that transition b) bring the forum more into line with what is expected of the rest of the world. Feels like the world has moved on a bit, and the forum got left behind -I mean look at the rumpus over the activity feed... it is the norm just about everywhere else... yet some users took serious exception to it Anyways, if anything good can come of this topic, then I will be very pleased
  12. Yeah I agree I do think he is still referring to IP rather than anything of fabric.
  13. I think the garage etc posts are all within the 'of benefit to the membership' as well.. we would benefit from all those posts.
  14. New cars are the property of the finance company, not the consumer That aside, I think he is talking intellectual property, not anything physical. Must be an American.
  15. I personally would prefer a mellow approach, I agree that this sort of post does *not* have a place on the forum, the easy thing to do is to just ignore it and let it drop off the bottom of the page. If one particular poster starts doing it too often a quiet PM explaining why and a silent removal of the post is all that should be required. This saves any public lambasting, embarrassment, or further off-topicary goings on Also from the forum rules, quoted above: Threads and posts that do not meet with the above risk being amended or deleted without prior warning It does state 'risk', not 'will definitely' nor 'will be publicly lambasted'. Given the nature of the OT I would hope anyone could use a bit of sensitivity before reacting abruptly. A post about how man-u just lost the premiership should of course be deleted without hesitation, and the user banned! CR -I am sorry you lost your dog/friend/companion, I don't share the same affiliation with dogs, but there we go, I am sure though, it must be hard. As I think you probably now know, this forum is not the ideal place for it. Les, my deepest sympathies, in an ideal world a parent should never have to bury their child, this I more understand also being a father. Wish you a speedy recovery from what must have been, and still be an extremely traumatic time.