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Wipers not parking

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Check the voltage on the park switch input and output.  Parked, with the ignition on, the switch should receive 12v but give nothing out, with the wipers in any other position, the switch should be putting 12v out.  You just need to work through the system to find the break in the circuit that is stopping the motor from getting current.

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So, bit more testing. With the plug pulled off the wiper motor, I have 12v volts on the following at the given switch positions. 

Green - permanent 

Red / green - speed 1

Blue / green - speed 2

Brown / green - intermittent 

If I leave the intermittent setting switched on and reattach the plug I hear the relay click and then again a few seconds later, but it only does this sequence once, and the motor doesn't move. 

I happened to have a spare (but lazy) motor, so tried that one and get the same behaviour. 

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The way the system works is quite complicated, with the power going to the motor first, then through the switch and back again.  The motor is clearly not the problem, and it seems the relay is working.  If the park switch is open contact with the wiper parked but closed and passing current (test it) for the rest of the cycle, then I think your problem is in the steering column switch.

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I had a strange earth issue on my 1990 camel 110 which had very similar symptoms, I traced it to the swisher pump, I was getting 12v up the relay to squisher earth which caused some  very strange behaviour. - hence my comment disconnect the pump and see how it acts.

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I also just took the park switch off the motor, but left the electrical connections in place. Still no change in symptoms. 

The only bit I've not replaced (as I don't have one) is the switch. Anyone have a spare 200tdi wiper switch knocking about that I could borrow for a test? 

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