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Red drive train.

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My 1986 110 I’ve had this since my dad died in 2017 it was his he got it back in 2005 and paid just £2.500 for it,😳 it was in great shape too but sadly it’s seen better days now but on the up side it’s getting a revamp, 😊

id  love to know if the drive train all painted RED means anything because red and green don’t really go together if I’m honest but someone thought so,🤔

any thoughts? maybe you owned this landy years a go or know someone who did who knows stranger things have happened.

see photo.  


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5 hours ago, Bowie69 said:

LGT has red axles....

Believe it was quite common at one point to accent LRs with red.


8 hours ago, Arjan said:

Could be Ex Fire Brigade...

I just stripped a Series front axle in that same red..


anyway of checking on line too see?

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Unless it's oily that doesn't look like old school red oxide which is more matt / satin matt. That could be red Rust Oleum or similar.

Proper lead based red oxide is good stuff but like all coatings if the surface it's going on has active corrosion it will still fail. Favourite back in the day for priming before topcoat in another colour.

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5 hours ago, jeremy996 said:

Painting frames red is pretty common in steam engine circles - always used to be said that it was easier to see cracks than in black or other dark colour. 

German railways especially, and the old Eastern Bloc were very keen on it.

A lot of pre-2000 trucks are red chassis too.

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