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O/T Ouch - that's going to be expensive...


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Pah! If you can afford £800k in the first place a little repair bill isn't going to phase you!

Come to think of it, the Astra is probably now worth more money as it will have little bits of Veyron embedded in it!! :lol:

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Shame it's not a complete wright-off, the engine would be up for grabs then.

Can a LT77 take 1000bhp? :ph34r:

full tank of fuel in 12 minuets at full throtle.

that nearly as much as a classic Range Rover 3.9.

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The paper I read said he was doing 100mph, prompting calls to ban them. And Astras. And 40 limits. Ban everything.

That's the problem then, if he'd been going 150mph he would've missed the Astra altogether - time to raise the speed limit!

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According to the news this morning - the owners younger brother took the car for a spin - without permission, and it could be an £830,000 write-off. Wonder if there's insurance cover on it.


Not likely, there is a hell of a mark up in low production volumes sports cars to try and recoup dev costs. Also when in insuring these type of vehicles you don't excatly get fully comp. You get a ceiling payment.

As for the rust in your earlier post, that's what I thought too, but IIRC the Bugatti has a carbonfibre tub, so it's probably the brown weave of the broken carbonfibre.



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Well, if according to the paper, the guy actually paid £925k for the car, only a mere £95k ott, the repair is unlikely to be an issue!! Thats alot of hours and materials.

Wouldn't look good for Bugatti really, oops, have a minor smack with a 'normal' car, and you have a write off!!

Can't really feel sorry for the guy.

One thing, they obviously aint much good in the wet, even with all that technology and 4wd.

Even at 100mph, it was only doing 40% of its capability.............. eeek!!

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not impressed by the bbc here -- I have just looked at both the reports, and it doesn't really say anything at all...

so a veron (sp) crashed - - not good for the wallet.. but hey ho... who really cares?

was this person speeding - -doesn't say?

was it the van faults for pulling out - doesn't say?

Its just a load of cr*p that would normal/ should normal only be in the sunday sport. or the sun.

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dammit another 4x4 causing trouble in britains roads!! when will the government realise that 4x4's are evil gas guzzlers. with regard to the danage it does say it hit the astra then collided with trees. that may explain the damage a little more!

James"will this one certainly guzzles" Robertson

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