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defender leccy windows


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There are kit's from Falcon 4x4, but they are expensive. They are regularly heavy duty kits on ebay. The other option is to buy LR ones from an independent.

As for 2nd hand ones, I'm sure there are loads that would fit ok.



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Falco 4x4 have ceased trading their website says http://www.falcon4x4.com/

Falcon 4x4 is no longer trading.

We (Anne and Pete) would like to thank all our customers from the last few years for their support.

We have not stopped trading for any bad reasons - quite the opposite. We invented some ground breaking new products of our own and these have been such a huge hit we simply don't have the time or resources to keep Falcon going as well.

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Chelsea Tractor (remember him?) fitted some a few years ago into his Td5 90. Initially he fitted an aftermarket kit but after repeated component failures he bought genuine LR regulators for only a few quid more than the kit and fitted them - a bolt on job.


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I have fitted some ebay units, that were identical to falcon, but a lot cheaper.

They are fine & the fit was quite easy.

My door cards are still loose - I'll post some pics asap.

p.s i used the window ECU from a RRC. nice cos then you dont need external relays & it gives teh auto-up mode.

I can provide pin out if needed.

This is the same kit that i bought (not from this seller though) ebay

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