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Novice Fun Winch Challenge - Chichester 25th NOV

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Hi all

If you have ever fancied a go at "Winch Challenge" type Event, ....

......but didn't fancy either 'trashing' your Motor.........

..... or going up against "the Big boys" this may just be the event for you !.........

Sunday 25th November - Site Near Chichester

This event will be Run by the HBRLO (see www.hbro.co.uk ) and I will be 'laying out' with other club members and I'll be COC ( 'Clerk of the Course'.)

This is a FUN Event, very very suitable for 1st timers, or those of you who fancy a bash at a this sort of event,

its single 4x4 entries - note 4x4 - most 4x4s are welcome (ie nothing bigger than a 101 size 4x4) Suzukis, hybrids LRs etc etc etc are all ok, ARLC rules do NOT Apply on this event....

Prob just about all modifications are most prob allowed (if safe),

Soft Tops MUST have rear roll Bar, HT or Truck Cabs as they are -no cage required

...whats NOT allowed ?....things like dumper tyres, tyre chains, chainsaws etc, you can have 'lockers', no lockers, 2x winches 1x winch etc etc.

You must have (and use) a winch sail / Blanket, you must have recovery points front and rear,

decent rated shackles (4.75T) decent recovery gear and the 4x4 must be MOTd and Taxed etc

Its a fun event, so although each entry is seperate..... you could pair up and help each other, .....but scores are seperate at the end of the day :P

Costs are yet to be concluded but expect around £35 per 4x4 inc passenger, for each 4x4 entered,

club membership is not required .....but we may do a special reduced price on the day - more to follow.

Prob 60 - 70+ Punches easy mediums and a few hards too. Trophies for 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th places (No CLasses) and the punches are scored on a diminishing value the more people who get it, Easy Meds and Hards have increasing values ie easy is 200 divided by whoever how many get it, meds 500 divided and hards 2000 divided etc

Note this IS NOT the MWWCE type of standard - this is more Novice / fun / 1st timers / intermediate level.....but FUN FUN FUN is the main Target !

If you would like more info, or wish to reserve a place PM me - but give me a couple of days to come back to you as I may not have PC access....very very shortly :o:(

PM me or post up as you MUST reserve a space

No "Turn up on the day" for this event, and places are limited :)


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I did the double post cos I was unsure.

Yes its a competition, but a "fun competition", not a "blood guts and panel damage" competition. :lol:

Did I put it in the getting out there, ......to appeal to those members who might like to "Have a go" a this sort of fun event, ....

......or shove it in the competition section, ..........in which case many people who treasure their LR and don't "Do Comps" may have missed it ? :huh:

So I shoved it in both :P

I've been Moderated :o:lol:

Nige :)

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Thanks for the thought Trev, but its not just down to me :lol:

Yes I am on the clubs committee, and was involved, but it was a HBRLO committe decision

The logic around this is :

  • The MWWCE is as higher class 'Heavy Duty' event as we can make it
  • It has a "Reputation" for being v good and worthwhile and we don't wnat to dilute that
  • The MWWCE will still be the once a year special event
  • However, many 4x4 owners fancy the idea of a challenge event, but not the severity / damage etc
  • For the club.... 'Drive Around' days are always popular with non members and members alike
  • BUT so many on DRDs many drivers sayy "Too Tame" want "a bit more" :)
  • others what a little more some a lot more......

Thus the logic here is to run a FUN CHallenge for those who wnat more than a drive around day and less than an all

out MWWCE or other HD Challenge event, where frankly they can do a lot of damage be out of their depth and

possibly REGRET ever entering feeling dispondent at the end of the day

THIS event is a Promotional event, FUN FUN FUN and hopefully if successfull one to be repeated through 2008

60-70 puinches with a variety of skill and effort required, so some easy some mediums and some difficults too :)

It was asked for by members who watched the MWWCE and fancied a go,

but they also know they need to start and gain the knowledge and experience slowly and not just jumping in the deep end.

Fingers crossed, but the interest so far from all sorts of sources is hugely positive

and no ITS NOT SLINDON :):lol: its a nice new big site that is just perfect for this event

I am looking forward to this event as it will be friendly fun and different !


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