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2007 Defender Post up your Offroad Pics

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Driffield off road course at the show in May, didn't miss out any sections and managed to get up a particularly difficult climb (failed by a prepped TD5 in front of me) by using the close your eyes and nail it technique, finished it caked in muck - brilliant.

Since then it has been off road for fun twice and for "work" (helping a mate) once. A few minor battle scars but I love it!

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OIIII. Stephen and Timothy :P . I do try, but I've got a very protective wife :(:(

Ah,, there you are,, you must be slipping !! :lol:

Besides,, did you not get a picture, when building bridges the other day,, that was off road, ,,, must have done a good job of washing the 90 off before the other half saw it :o

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Your pics seem quite tame compared to the others (except Walfy's of course), perhaps you need to be a bit more extreme?


I am hoping you are working on something to rectify that for next year,, in between work :hysterical: and time spent on here !! :o:P

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I may have a trick or two up my sleeve young Tim

Not so sure about the young bit anymore Mo,, Motoring News did a piece after Ypres Rally, and referred to me as a Veteran,, :o Cheeky barsteward !!

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