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MogLites cooling system


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Well thanks to the previous thread on radiator sizing, I've now got a early 90's Transit radiator


Its the perfect size, if its butch enough remains to be seen, but for less than £50 delivered I can treat it as test bed and get a thicker one made later if necessary.

Now the 16" fan I was going to use doesn't fit :angry: Which is pretty obvious really, but I hadn't thought it through

So I've got to go twin 12" fans.

'kin hell they cost a lot from the likes of Demon Tweaks :angry:

The Spal 12" ones on eBay looked reasonable value at £46, but they only flow 824cfm, compared with the 1311cfm for a similar Pacet - thats a big difference !!

I've seen BBC article on twin-fans, so I've got the feelers out for Astra MkIII fans.

Anyone else got any suggestions for a pair of 12" sucker fans ?

Fridge - if you are interested in the huge ali-radiator PM me - but it wasn't cheap !!

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Modeo V6 with aircon.

Twin 'leccy fans (don't know the diameter - sorry) in their shroud fit a V8 rangie rad perfectly - well, same heignt, slightly narrower. Of course, that may be no use at all if your new rad is a lot smaller than the V8 one. :ph34r::ph34r:

Oh, and we want an update on the website....... the latest moglite fix is well overdue :lol::lol:

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Thanks for the sensible replies

Tonk - I think you are on the money with those Rover fans - ta for the link

The others sound promising too, Bish - the Transit rad is shorter than the rangie one, so doubt the mondeo ones will work. As for pictures - its due out of the garage next month for the exhaust fitment, so I'll do pictures then.

Drive backwards/Liquid Nitrogen/fanbelts :)<_<:P:D<_<:(:)

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Bish, what's the dims (HxLxD) of your mundano twin fans. Wondering if a pair will fit in the limited space I have in the 90. I assume you have kept them in the original mundano cowling? Oh and diameter of the actual fans too if you could be so kind :)

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Questions questions!

If you're lucky I'll nip into the garage tonight.... :huh: but as I said above, the cowl is exactly the same depth as a V8 RR rad and is IIRC about 2-3" narrower. It stands about 75 - 100mm proud of the rad (off the top of my head), but I shall go measure - maybe ;) .

As for diameter - who cares? They are more than man enough to keep my engine cool and thats with it lugging my leather seats around the place! :D As you saw at Bampton, they cooled the engine from off the scale :o to normal in under a minute.

and yes, I did keep them in their original cowl - it fits snuggly against the rad thus improving efficiency.

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Same depth as RR rad is fine as 90 rad is taller, bit narrower than RR rad is good as 90 rad is narrower, 75-100mm thick might be a bit too thick to fit between rad and water pump in my 90 so measurement would be good. And yeh they did do a good job of cooling once the fuse was replaced :ph34r:

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Pug 106 1.5 diesel has twin 12" fans on the front of it. Just ask Julian :lol: (he will explane how he knows)

Thanks Ali

I cut the front of a 205 in half under a lorry some years ago.

this left the twin fans as if I had cut a line from the bumper up and removed the contece of the engine

Freelander 1.8 fans are grate and alloy rad which is more efective. Looks very similar to what you have.

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Astra Mk111 fans are £10 each from the scrappy ………….I used them as they are cheap, easy to source and easy to replace. Interestingly mine have been under water numerous times and are still OK after 3 years of abuse......……. that’ll be the kiss of death then :lol::lol: .

My original plan was indeed to use Rover 820 fans …… but there were none in the scrappy at the time :angry: .

A half hour gentle stroll around the scrappy should open up all sorts of options :rolleyes: .

If it’s a Tranny rad …….. then why not use a tranny fan ……… it might be easier with regards to brackets etc.


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Just had a look at the updated site, starting to look really good!!

Lots and lots of red paint :D is it going to be Red by any chance ?

What is it having in the way of bodywork? or is that a silly question?


The red is only a red-oxide. Tangiers orange, with black panels filling in the gaps.

Proper pictures next month - outside, rather than the cramped things I can take in the garage.

There has been lots more progress since those pictures

I'll update my avatar in a minute as a sneak preview.

Ian - nice idea on Transit fans, but I think they are viscous !!

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For new fans - Spal are pretty good - and I'd go with them over Pacet or Kenlowe even if the quoted airflow is less. All the airflow in the world doesn't help you if it's broken!

Ones from the scrapper - go for the renalt / peugeot / citroen ones with a 'pancake' motor made by Gate. The motor is large diameter and fairly thin (like a pancake). The motors will survive one hell of a lot of abuse - including running off 24v, powering an electric bar-stool or a certain skate board!


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Well here you go Mark.....

Some really rather sh!te photos, even by my standards!

The fans themselves are about 75-80mm proud of the radiator (measured from the edge of the frame not the fins)DSC00002.JPG

Where the water pump nose is on the 3.9 there is about a 12mm gap between the nose and the shroud, which in this location is only 65mm proud of the radiator (between fan positions.)


Approx shroud dimensions are 620mm wide x 420mm deep (V8 rad is about 435mm). There is about 2" of rad fins visible either side of the shroud.

Fan diameter is 12".

Mine's a pint :P;)

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Cheers Bish you're at star, it's not (all) true what they say about you.

I'll have to take my tape measure and see if those fans would fit better than the sierra ones I currently have in the garage, think it'll be tight. Won't do it right now though, too fekin cold to be outside with a tape measure this weather :ph34r::lol:

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A walk round your scrapyard should give you some idea.

Take a look at jap cars, daewoo, nissan - they have quite small fans, suction type, with motors that are not too deep.

You may wish to consider motorcycle fans as well.

but whatever you fit, make sure you have cowling to optimise the air flow. This need to be very close to the radiator; even if the cowl you have fitted does not abut, you can use some ali to make it do so (guess what I was doing last night!)

I suspect your overheating problems, if any, will be at low speed relying of fan cooling. More fans in the engine bay in fornt of vents to help suck air out of the engine baqy may be an idea (I have front mounted fan plus and addtional one behind andthet make a different to air leaving the engine bay).

Have you considered an electric water pump? You can increase the flow at low rpm whcih is what you want to do or fit a smallere water pump pulley - I have one. adn use the watter wetter stuff - I have that too. dunno if all this additioanal stuff works though as I have not driven mine in hot weather.

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Well I've got the fans from the Cosworth. They are Gate and certainly shift some air :)

I've nearly finished building a shroud for the fans, Im then going to hang the rad off of the shroud, and fill any gaps with closed cell foam to ensure all the air gets sucked through the rad.

My next question is water capacity.

I've no idea how much the transit rad holds, compared to a Landie rad. But I know I'm not running a heater rad, so I'm almost certianly going to be down on capacity.

I've got to run a header tank now, which I wasn't originally going to use.

Does water cpacity have much effect on cooling capacity ?

I'm thinking as long as the water is being pumped at a sensible rate, and its coming out of the rad cool, it will be okay. Adding extra water will just postpone any over heating, and won't prevent it.

Am I right ?

Any benefit in going for a large capacity header tank ?

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