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panhard rod bushes

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Your turn to help me now ;)

need some new bushes for my 110's panhard rod, it currently has rubber one fitted, but the right hand bush is nearly dead agian, I'm thinking about a set of SuperPro poly bushes as per thier listing http://www.superpro.eu.com/Files/Super%20P...Edition%207.pdf on page 127 Front Panhard Rod Bushing SPF0194K 1 2B,2T

kit has 2 bushes & their inner steel tubes, the bolts on my 110 are fairly new so I know they will come offf/on easily.

any of you used these before ? are they worth my effort as the current rubber ones just get eaten by oil from the power steering hose weeping. Yes I know I should fix it :rolleyes:

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I fitted some britpart 'polybushes' to my panhard rod about 6000 miles ago. Apparantly maufactured from cheddar.

off they come again then and I think I'll just go back to standard rubber - I'm certain superpro will be hands down better than the chocolate block britpart ones, but I reckon the standard bushes I took off were the original ones fitted in 1986!

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I've tried all different types on my panhard rod and, PITA though they are to fit, the OEM style rubber ones always seem to last the longest.

There just seems to be something about the pressure these particular bushes are put under that just destroys anything other than rubber. It probably doesn't help that I'm on imperial axles so the bush is smaller on mine than the later metric ones.

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Superpro bushes fitted here , And a simular problem to yours Ralph, Leaking steering fluid , the Bushes seemed to stand up to the oil quite well and showing no apparant signs of swelling or softening . They are the only set of bushes Ive fitted that actualy last a whole season .

Give Anton at OEC a call , He will look after you ,Hes a diamond .

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just to update all you guys/girls I oredered from OEC a set of SuperPro bushes, & after work got one of the 2 PAS hoses, other on order should have it by Weds, so tomorrow's job is -------

fit the new short hose to the PAS reservior/steering box & if good old Royal Mail deliver the bushes fit those too :D

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You inspired me Ralph. :lol:

I've had some new bushes sitting in the parts bin for twelve months now and the drivers side bush has been soaking in PAS fluid for 100,000km on and off.

I had just read this thread, the rain had stopped, it was only four o'clock or so, so I raced out and swapped the buggers out.

Guess what, the old ones weren't too shabby after all, even after 255,000km.

Anyway, they are done now and a new boot and some grease in the tie rod end that had to be popped out.

Yes, they are Super Pro. ;)

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td5 panhard has superpro bushes fitted - as above superb bit of kit.

my TC is running BM blue poly bushes and they are actually very good and seem to last well plus resilient to oil etc.

Glad you decided to do the hoses you would never live that down.

My steering box has just started leaking (alot) so needs doing on mine now.

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