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I have never been to Cornwall before & me & SWMBO fancy coming down for a week on the 19th June.

What are people recommendations for things to see & do?

I will be camping, so quite like the idea of a campsite within walking distance of places, so I dont have to put the rooftent away every time we want to go somewhere.

Obviously, being a rooftent, i CAN put it away if needs be!

Just had a look at the Cornwall Tourism website, which is rather rubbish, so thought I would try here instead.

The boss would love to be near the beach/water, but other than that, we are not really fussed about doing anything in particular, we just want to get away from it all for a bit.......bloody Trans-Africa planning is killing me!

Thanks in advance.


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Boscastle is very nice.

My wife and I stayed there before the floods - a very beautiful area.

One thing I didn't realise before I got there is how small Cornwall is - nowhere you fancy going is very far away at all.

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i to would also reccommend the eden project but go when the weather is nice, that way it wont be very busy. also a visit to any fishing town is worth a look, like padstow and any of the beaches and costal walks. maybe even out to blu hills where the range rover was launched

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Personally I found the Eden Project to be expensive, crowded and underwhelming in what it offered.

Not even in the same league as the gardens of Heligan which I would heartily recommend.

A gentle drive around the tiny back roads along the coast is also a great way to pass an afternoon.

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Lost gardens of Heligan

Goonhilly earth station

any of the local caostal towns

Newquay for surfing

Minack theatre/Porthcurno lovely beach

Boscastle now it's recovered from the devasting floods of a few years ago


just a few to start with :D

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Perhaps not the best website but we spent two weeks camping and touring Cornwall last summer and this was the best thing we did, not too expensive either: Geevor tin mine. Not the most polished or H&S/cotton wool attraction but it was really interesting.

Our trip was rather curtailed by horizontal rain so we're making a series of day trips from Bristol to fill the gaps. Tintagel Castle is a pretty day out, Goonhilly was interesting and mostly indoors too - to be honest there's so much beautiful countryside and empty roads out there, you'll enjoy yourself no matter what.

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or try Exmoor and avoid the crowds.

this is ten minutes from me...


Will :)

I'm not jealous at all :(

Port isaac is a lovely place but very, very small so packed in summer. Tintagel is also lovely, Rock, Padstow, that general area is a very nice place to be. We usually stay in a caravan at st minver but i think they've stopped doing camping now :( , there are some nice places nearby though.

Have fun


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Perranporth is good and you can walk to a few places from there, like newquay and holywell bay also pretty good bus service. Nothing better than watching sunset sitting on the terrace outside the watering hole on the beach ( www.the-wateringhole.co.uk). check out http://www.perraninfo.co.uk/

hope this helps the decision.

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Having just got back from a week halfway between Helston and Falmouth, I can say the best thing was going to Lizard point, and having a good wander around the coast path, the scenery is fantastic and the 'Lions Den' is rather scary to look into from the top, but very well worth the short walk from the most southerly point. Lizard lighthouse is open to visitors as well, quite cheap from memory and slightly interesting. There is also the most idyllic string of coves for you to explore on the way -fab day out :D

Did the Eden project, when I went down to Cornwall before, but found it rather lacking, over priced, and the hot house... well too hot for me, was just unpleasant to be in there.

For a good pasty shop, try the local bakers in Portreath on the north coast -you won't want to eat anything again for a day or two :P

Beach-wise, Praa Sands is OK, but Rinsey beach, near Praa is a nice deserted cove, I think there were about 10 people on it, but it does depend on what you want :)



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Would have been nice Ralph, you'd have to put up with the tribe as well though!

Whereabouts are you in Cornwall then?

between Camborne & Pool, about 5 mins from the A30 Camborne East junction.

exact location is coming in a PM for your next visit down here. Tribe welcome too.

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As already mentioned Boscastle is a must, Polperro on the south coast is also good. If going to the Eden project there is a campsite 5 mins away right next to a pub, they do good food too. Strangely quiet when we were there last August, about 6 tents on site. I can dig out the map ref if you want.

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