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Oh go on - admit it...


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I'm back - I have moved up to Telford, got a new job under my belt, and have just purchased a new home for the cat (Buffy), the Disco and me.

So as I haven't been online for the last few months, I have quite a bit to catch up on - can anyone recommend a thread to start on... :D

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Hi Fi,

Welcome back! :D

How's life on the motorway then?

Please be very safe out there - I am sure you know how nasty motorway hardshoulders can be.. :(

There has already been a fatal TO accident (errant HGV ploughed into the back of him on the shoulder) so keep those eyes peeled!!

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Yes my rented flat will soon be even colder and emptier. I'm moving to a very large garage with enough parking for 3 vehicles. Oh and it has 3 beds and a brick built BBQ - Party anyone? :wacko:

Chris, I’m offended that you think it’s odd to miss me – although I never did get as wet as that first time - Chris pulled me out of that river in flood – remember?

Sodbury? Yeah like I’d miss a chance to shop! I will be there, and in fact I will be assisting on the X Eng stall – and yes I will be bringing cakes and cookies Nige.

John – thanks honey – we really must get introduced!

The job is going very well, and Bish, I will be careful – I promise! For those of you that don’t know, I’m working for the Highways Agency, helping provide “safe roads, reliable journeys and informed travellers” and it’s way better than credit control B)

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