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Wntd Ali Fairleads


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Husky Ali fairleads are only available fro David Bowyer and cost me £50 approx

these are for a mate to go with the new plasma he is buying from Roguevogue

if only I handn't bought my spare I would have moved up to 11-12mm.

thanks for the helpful advice though :lol:

ps my Husky performed faultlesly on Saturday lowering out pulling the 90 out with ease.

at last count there are still two hydraulic winch owners trying to get out of my field :lol:

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Might be cheaper to import from the US - ask seller to mark package as GIFT then no UK taxes applied.

http://www.marlincrawler.com/winch.html $39

http://www.off-road.com/jeep/news/2004_12/...2/fairlead.html $55

http://winchline.com/mcart/index.cgi?ID=17...ID=IT17&code=13 $49

http://www.okoffroad.com/stuff-fairlead.htm $59

But now - big roll of drums - for real devotees of bling.......


or this......


or this......


From your tasteful friends at Rock Dancer Products [ http://rockdancerproducts.com ]. Each fairlead is CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Hard Anodized 1â€X 4â€X 12â€....Hot Lips cost $149, which isn't bad from a value point of view.....difficult to comment on the aesthetics........

You see, we're light years behind the Americans!


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