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Volvo C303 Overlander Build

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A bit of a long overdue update. Recent progress:

- Installed marine cables for the transfer box high/low and the autobox selector.

- Moved the battery box and OBA compressor between the chassis.

-Transfer box tested in place, and crossmember constructed.

Some pics:


The lifting cab in action

The custom manifold

OBA tank

New version dash panel


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I do wish the body just lifted like that on my 88 sometimes!

Yeah its a nice feature, glad i did it. Its even worse on a standard C303, you have do do all your maintenance through the wheel arches or through a hatch in the cabin only 50cm x 75cm. (Which also makes the cabin more noisy. Have welded that up)

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First of all: great project! I love these Volvo's! :-)

But also some (hopefully usefull) criticism:

- the crossmember looks like two leafsprings connected with a piece of box section: not very stable. :unsure:

- and the lock for the cabine, is that attached with only two vulcanized rubber mounts? What happens when these shear off? :wacko:

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Sorry for the lack of updates, but not much has happened. Time is more scarce since starting a new job.

I've also rethought the plans for the rear camper body, so have actually move backwards and changed a few things.

- Got rid of the air/water intercooler, and will fit an air intercooler behind the cab.

- Still thinking on how to get more axle/engine clearance (move up = lift cab more, move back = a big PITA, dry sump, doesnt help much)

- Rear body will be a hard side lifting roof similar to the picture below. Am going to invest in a TiG to make up the Ali frame. Have to finish design and locate Alu profile. Source composite wall panels.

On 5/27/2016 at 7:54 PM, topsecret4x4 said:

hi what make are the vacuum and oba gauges your using?

Keyence AP series, you can find them trade, or sometimes on ebay.

On 6/9/2016 at 5:04 PM, FridgeFreezer said:

I must've missed it - why so much on-board air capacity on an overlander? :huh:

Didnt think i'd overrated it, with big tyres to fill, air tools perhaps. Anyway the compressor and tank were a freebie taken from a 90 equipped with trailer air braking.

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