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Td5 OM606 vapour questions

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If (God forbid) my Td5 motor perished - what would be involved in fitting an OM606 beyond just physically getting it in ?

Apologies in advance for my ignorance on the subject.

We saw that chap build one in a series recently and he'd used the LR gearbox - so if that was the route taken there would be no tunnel mods, just mounts and pipes... ?

Going for the mechanical pump I guess we'd swap out the td5 accelerator for a cable one ?

I guess we'd end up with loads of superfluous stuff - like clutch switches and that the 10AS wouldn't have a function or work without the ECU ?

Would we therefore need an aftermarket kit to have the central locking work ?

Im sure there's a raft of things .....

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Have a look at my thread.http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=89457

Ok its not a LR, but the same challenges apply. I have left it under ECU control with the original IP. The ECU can be de-immoblised and then runs standalone.

I made a coupling shaft for the divorced transfer box, and bought an aftermarket controller for the merc 722 autobox.

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Hi have a look at this link. He has fitted an OM606 to a series 3.

There is another thread by him on the same forum fitting an OM606 to a Rover P6 with a supercharger!


Lots of info in those threads - thank you. Searching has shown he's posted on a few forums with other info coming out.

What looks interesting was that he used a Musso bellhousing and a small adaptor to fit the 5 cylinder one to an R380 - and from reading elsewhere the 5 and 6 cylinder engines have the same bellhousing bolt pattern.

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Glorious isn't it ?

I dropped Lloyds an email to ask for a price on an adaptor to fit one to an R380.

They warned about the power of a tuned motor exceeding the capacity of the gearbox - but quoted £1200 plus vat.

I'm thinking about this because my Td5 is using water and if it turns out to be a cracked head - then I ought to consider one of these.

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