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how not to have a holiday!


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The start of our holiday was the summer sisters event great weekend was had by all. On the Monday TSD, John/chris, chalky and us moved from the show caves to http://doliago.com/ a very nice campsite near the strata Florida. However on route all was not well with 45 culminating in the engine consuming it's oil. TSD then towed us complete with trailer onto the campsite. Tent erected for wife an kids, myself and TSD are recovered back to Southampton with 45. Tuesday with TSD, fridgefreezer and myself the engine was removed and replaced with a spare, Wednesday saw TSD and me driving back to Wales to be reunited with wife, kids and others.

Que a week of laning and sightseeing, on the Friday (due to move campsites on Sat) on one last lane my brakes fail turns out a calipers bolt has disappeared and sheared a brake line so drive carefully back to campsite. Saturday book additional night at current campsite sorce parts from rhayader 4x4 and fix.

Move to next campsite near Machynlleth more laning/sightseeing. The day before we leave discovery a wheel bearing has lunched it's self (i've actually got the parts to fix this with me) so fix move to next campsite in the forest of Dean, then home today.

Moral of this don't mention the idea of selling your truck just before going on holiday in it as it was clearly listening.


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Been there done that! Had a holiday in the Lakes were the V8 caught fire, ate it's starter motor in the Ambleside one way system at rush hour, then all the kids and myself ended up in casualty due to various accidents. Kids reckoned the best part of that holiday was going over The Struggle on the back of a recovery truck, then watching dad rewire a 110 on the campsite! To top it all we'ed left the bloody tool box at home so spent best part of £300 on tools and taxis, oh and not to forget the £300 for a starter from a main dealer.....

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Moral of this don't mention the idea of selling your truck just before going on holiday in it as it was clearly listening.

When I was a kid, my dad bought a 1972 (about 8 years old) Merc from my grandparents.

In the years we owned it, it only ever broke down twice - on the day he drove it home, and again on the day he traded it in (along with a Maestro) for my mum's first LR 90.

Cars can be more sentimental than you'd ever believe.

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