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Britpart 300TDI timing kit


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Well its time to do the belt, I just need to get the bits in ready for the job.

My position is that I hate Britpart stuff and have had some disastrous stuff in blue bags, so much so I just don't use it.

There is a local indi (NW England not Anglesey) who has a very good reputation as a supplier and has a very nice workshop full of RR on four posters. I called in to ask them what they use.. He reckoned the BP kit was the best to get.

So I just punted the question what if the money doesnt matter and its your own vehicle?

He stuck to his guns saying the machined pulleys and idlers in the BP kits were better than the genuine spot welded pulleys originally fitted and its a Dayco belt ( which is what I'd use normally )

Any views here either way?

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When I ordered a lot of bits for the engine build I did get a BP kit which I never fitted.. for the aforementioned reasons.

I just dug it out of the shed and had a look, it is indeed a Dayco belt but the idler is in a BP box, there is a little lateral play in the bearing and the crank seal is typical Chinese plastic so neither of those will be used. I seem to have given away most of the rest of the bits, I +think+ 'er brother had some stuff for his Discovery.

So I'll just try to get the missing genuine bits I need, it is a pity as the BP shouldered pulley is machined from one piece not spot welded like the G item, it certainly looks better.

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just done 2 300 timing belts and both times used the Bearmach OEM timing belt kits, dayco belt and bearings all stamped up made in Slovakia, which when I looked at the genuine ones I took off they where identical.

They looked nice and well machined too, some of the Britpart stuff just looks bad.

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A few mention Genuine. Who makes Genuine ? Not Land Rover

Well from investigation it seems its Britpart..

I'm going to ask Turner as well as here, they always seem to give me good advice.

Its a tiny amount of money compared to the consequence of it all going wrong so I'd just like to get something decent :-)

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You can't get am Oem spec kit from britpart.

You can spec it with a decent belt ie dayco but not quality stamped tensioners. Certainly not according to the current britpart list I have here.


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Who'd have thought it, a discussion about Britpart going off on one :-)

The last genuine part I bought from a LR dealer was for an older Discovery - G suffix, LR genuine sticker and all, it was in a BP coloured bag and was rubbish. I ended up replacing it with a Bearmach part which was ok... BUT I think you have to treat selection of the parts on their merit and load that by the importance of the bit.. if its a door seal or a timing belt idler?

Witness the 36 month old BP timing kit I had in the shed, good belt, poor bearings in the idler.. the kit I saw at the indi the other day looked very good.

Regardless of the semantics of who actually makes, QA's and distributes the parts, when we are talking about obsolete parts for an out of production engine I think its foolish to imagine that specifying G means LR has anything more than an administrative function here.

Anyway thanks for all the comments and I'll keep looking for something half decent to fit.

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Main dealers are not the same as Land Rover. They are separate businesses and can buy in whatever parts of whatever quality they like - hence seeing Britpart lorries at the main dealer. Britpart also do distribution and so can supply genuine parts (sourced direct from Land Rover) to any retailer, be it an independent or a main dealer.

What matters is who makes the part, in the case of 200Tdi timing belt tensioners the ones in the Britpart kits are unbranded - the genuine ones and Bearmach ones are ING branded. I know what I would rather have on my engine.

Also OEM means nothing. Chances are they're just lying, and if not all it means is that it was made by a company that at one time made some parts for Land Rover. It doesn't mean it's the same as what a Land Rover genuine part would be, or even to the same spec, though sometimes it is.

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