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  2. Bowie69

    Downpipe collar not lining up

    Isn't it a ball and socket type joint on a series? If so, no, the flange does not need to go flush, the sealing surface is the ball and socket, not the flange.
  3. Ishanand

    Defender 110 TD5 2006

    I have been to the garage today and had the chassis checked out. The good news is that the chassis is ok. However I was told that my rear axle is bent. I am thinking about getting a second opinion. Any thoughts on this?
  4. I fitted a webasto which is fairly stright forward and looked at purchasing a Rover 75 thermo top for heating the block on our more northern trips through Norway and Finland, these are 12v control without worrying about plumbing into the vehicle electrics. I did look at a shower set up with the hot water supplied via the thermo top, but there is a lot of work involved for something which you probably won't use much in the back of a 110! I found the sepaerte propane gas showers a more suitable idea for a hotwater supply within the 110 ( or outside for a shower ). They're fairly compact ( no bigger than a power shower unit ) and if you're already running a gas bottle on board they will supply hot water pretty quickly. I will get one when we move onto the next conversion but mainly use it for washing off muddy dogs!
  5. Badger110

    Retro fitting electric windows and CL

    That there is a proper Landy fix !
  6. Badger110

    Retro fitting electric windows and CL

    The only issue with bonding it other than welding is the stress causing the initial problem will break a bond over time. Unless you can find a flexible bond of some sort...like a super strength CT1 !
  7. Chicken Drumstick

    X-Lite LED retrofit fail - Attempt 1

    Hi. Only just seen this. Apologies for the delayed reply. I did did have an attempt 2. But I didn’t really find anything that out performed the halogens. The halogens are also quite resistant to being dipped underwater such as when fording. The last set of MR16’s I actually pulled them apart and removed the driver board from the unit and remote mounted in a sealed box high up in the engine bay. My final idea was to actually build a custom MR16 using one of the led units I’d got. Using a better LED and driver. But I never finished the project. I might pick it up again next winter though. Less need for the lights during the summer.
  8. This is very frustrating , I have managed to remove and replace the studs for my new exhaust downpipe with relative easy , however I am now having difficulty getting the collar on the downpipe to line up with the manifold surface . I'm assuming it is supposed to be flush but even when the bolts are really tight to the point where I think the studs are going to snap , any advice please , is it that the flared end of the exhaust might be going on at a slight angle ? Advice would be appreciated , Thanks
  9. Today
  10. trod

    2.25 diesel overhaul

    Hi to all ,lm thinking of overhaling my 2.25 diesel engine.Dose any one have any good tips or youtube channels etc,to look at. thanks Trod
  11. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    I'll call them in the morning, if there's any chance of bringing it back on Sunday I'll be all over it
  12. defender dinky


    Sorted Adrian faux. Dd
  13. defender dinky

    Welding chassis

    I was more concerned about upsetting ecu's by removing battery leads and cutting power off to them. Dd
  14. qwakers

    New Series - RR Heavy

    just wrap it in lots of bubble wrap and cardboard they'll never know.
  15. piloti

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Well done Paul. Refitting is a doddle. The only thing to remember is to blow into the expansion tube till any coolant still in it empties into the expansion tank and is clear.
  16. geoffbeaumont

    L320 sport bouncy suspension

    Remember there could be leaks elsewhere in the system meaning the compressor is having to pump a lot more air to replace the losses.
  17. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Well I just cracked the heated front screen Funny I can deal with the actual setbacks themselves. They knock the wind out of me though because I'm tired, but operating on excitement, which gets shot down and I'm left just wanting to sleep. Anyone by any chance coming across to Ireland on the ferry soon? I can get my hands on a screen and as it happens I'll be foot passengering back to Ireland through Holyhead on Sunday but I'm not sure Stena will be happy about me carrying a pane of glass.
  18. ThreeSheds

    14CUX HotWire - Ign input - Megajolt

    Because I could! Also - I never thought about the aircon pin Also - how much extra revs does the aircon pin give? If the pump is under load I am thinking very little - my system causes the tickover revs to be (about) 1500rpm, and the 14CUX attempts to hold that ( by messing with the air bypass valve) even if it's put under load... It's complicated, sure - but fun
  19. ThreeSheds

    14CUX HotWire - Ign input - Megajolt

    Ah yes! I forgot the zener! Sorry....
  20. Bowie69

    Welding chassis

    The battery is actually a lovely current sink, almost perfectly designed to absorb voltage spikes generated by welding.
  21. Bowie69

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    VW have a massive van culture going way back in history. Land Rover did, sort of, once upon a time. They just let it lapse.
  22. Bowie69

    14CUX HotWire - Ign input - Megajolt

    I've used four 1N4001 plus a 5V zener and worked very well with the lucas ecu. No need for the resistors then.
  23. Eightpot

    Painting Body

    Etch primer only needed if coating bare aluminium - if a little aluminium shows through don't worry about it. You can get an adhesion promoter for plastic which helps primer get a good grip, but if the spats are already painted don't worry about it. If you just need to repair a scratch literally, you can get good results using the end of a darning needle or even a thin screwdriver tip to drag paint along the scratch, building up layers - tends to be easier than a brush if you're not used to using one.
  24. reb78

    Odd clutch moment

    Thanks Filip - its that last sentence that I worry about as it is hardest to diagnose. Leaks should be obvious if I look hard enough. It was raining earlier so I havent checked it but did 40 miles this morning and its currently behaving.
  25. zardos

    14CUX HotWire - Ign input - Megajolt

    My 14CUX had an input (pin 33) from the aircon clutch which causes it to increase the tickover revs to better handle the load of the aircon pump when the aircon comes on. I'm note sure why you would want to do it a more complicated way
  26. Gazzar

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    VW, for all their faults, remain quite true to their roots. Cars for ordinary people, I think.
  27. landroversforever

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I know they're not as up market, but my local VW garage do pretty well having both the commercial stuff alongside the cars in the same building.
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