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OT watch out for this months Windows update!!!

Guest MJG

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I am aware a number of forum users do not use Internet Explorer and use alternatives instead.

Watch out for this months Windows update which is just an update of Internet Explorer to version 7.

If you don't use IE there will be no point in updating to version 7 and I would guess the process will probably hijack your windows default settings to use IE7 and kick Firefox or Opera into touch....

Nice try William but some of us just don't need this months update and we would like to pass thanks.

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I just 'upgraded' from IE6 to 7. There's quite a big difference to the browser window. You have page tabs now, so you can have several sites 'on screen at the same time, and flick through them using the tabs along the top. Rather confusingly you can also drop them down to the bottom of the screen as well. Takes a bit of getting used to - not sure if it's any better yet though.

Les. :)

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I downloaded IE7 a few weeks ago. I like the tabbed browsing, but hey it's not so different from having a couple of instances of IE running at the same time!

What does cheese me off though is that IE7 does not like the Favorites toolbar if (like me!) you are running a rather more sedate ("ancient" or as I prefer to call it fewer bells and whistles) version of MS Office!

I don't want to copy every Favourite to the desktop so now rather opening IE to the site I want so now I have to go via my homepage!


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Got the new version of Firefox, launched recently. A handful of websites won't work with it but I never use IE for anything now, FF seems to download a lot quicker too, no idea why :)

I don't use WIndows updates, have done twice and they f****d my computer up necessitating a complete reinstall from scratch both times, so I'll take my chances with the hackers!!

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Built in anti phising trackers good, layout as Les said is better, took me a while to change so that I can just ping on the e-mail tab for send / rec which vanishes, but was (touch wood) simple and ok upgrade...


And it also shoves a proper little icon on me desktop for the LR4x4 shortcut :D


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turned auto updates off ages ago. as far as i can tell they just make your pooter slower & slower so you buy a new one & bill 'money grabbing geek' gRates 'on your nerves' gets more money for another beta copy of windows (cant be a full release or it wouldnt need so many fixes).

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Have to say i have IE7 and think itis a lot easier than having lots and lots of windows open

Hi Siearl,

Which is what FireFox (and I think Opera too) did years ago....

Unfortunately IE is just catching up...

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