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Mog 404 axles

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1 hour ago, Anderzander said:

Any news with these Stephen ? 😊

Funny that just been squaring garage up a bit to restart on them now lightweight vent panel is finished ( need a decent day to fit it ) so mog 404 axles should  resume shortly. Need to get my finger out as the axles take up a lot of space ( not that I can get a vehicle totally inside due to bring a tool junkie ) that I could do with having back regards Stephen

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2 hours ago, Anderzander said:

Are they upgrades to the standard axle check straps? 

I can see they can support a lot of weight and that they are orange.

You and me is going to have a little chat !!!!!! Lol regards Stephen 

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Definitely no going back now pinion shaft when I started


Using jig I made for central drilling of pinion shaft to keep myself square whilst cutting 


Cut off20210426_115303.thumb.jpg.04a21b6c889e15c76d1af9b241e324f7.jpg

End bit just needs punching out of jig


How short now after 45mm lopped off


Jig back on for drilling ( old picture )


Drilled and tapped,  looking nice and central


Flange bolted back on


Side view of it completed regards Stephen 


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7 minutes ago, landroversforever said:

Nice! Remind me Stephen, how much length have you taken off in total?


42 minutes ago, Stellaghost said:

How short now after 45mm lopped off

45mm my dear boy, I know you young ones like pictures before you learn to read lol regards Stephen 

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1 minute ago, landroversforever said:

Haha! Sorry I wasn't clear, I wasn't sure if that 45mm off the shaft was any different to the total length change.

No nothing else as yet unless I can save some mm's when I look at a disc handbrake conversion time will tell regards Stephen 

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Well that's the back axle welded up discs and calipers fitted just need to strip down for seals, gaskets and paint. Moving on to the more difficult front axle shortly  regards Stephen 




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Oh wow 🤩 I missed the Monday update - outstanding!!

I’m sure there’s a joke in here .. 🤔 about packing a punch, and a lightweight with heavyweight axles ... 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

Outstanding work though.

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