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Which Suspension

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Which suspension for 300Tdi 110 Van Body, I wont be carrying heavy weight all the time just now and again, also will be towing every now and again, no heavy winch bumpers or anything else.

Should I go ahead and fit Heavy duty shocks and springs or something Lighter ??



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10 minutes ago, kevin50 said:

Do you mean Standard height ? 

Unless you want to lift it, You can get different height springs in various strengths, but using heavy duty springs without a load will make the ride harsh. where as softer springs are more compliant. The air assist bags fit inside the coils and are inflated when required. you can also get spring assistors which are basically rubber blocks which stop a coil compressing.

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Not only would high rate (HD) springs make the ride harsh, but they would adversely affect grip on and off road as the suspension would be less compliant and less able to react to and follow the bumps.  HD is only an upgrade when you need it - it is a downgrade when not required.

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Oddly enough Land Rover spent some time, effort and money sorting out the suspension on their vehicles. Standard is perfectly capable of covering the typical use the vehicles will face under average conditions. 

After that there are a huge range of options for making a complete b*'ll*x of the suspension.

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Weigh the vehicle first so you have something to work from.

Our  300 Tdi Hard Top sits on standard LR springs and shocks.

No lift, nothing.

Works well and vehicle goes everywhere and does tow

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I would recommend standard SW springs with Terrafirma 4-way adjustable dampers.

Set to the softest of the four positions the ride is considerably improved over standard.

Also while you are at it, fit Discovery spring isolators to the front for a small improvement in refinement. Every little helps.

And if using the vehicle primarily on road, an anti roll bar kit.

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On 1/28/2019 at 9:19 PM, Red90 said:

Standard springs and shock.  Add Airlift bags to the rear if you carry weight or tow now and then.  They add 1400 pounds of load capacity without any change in ride height.

I did this - works perfectly. What I saved by NOT buying fancy shocks (and instead using standard Armstrong ones) I spent on Airlift bags. LR springs all round - rides great, and the airbags allow great flexibility.

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