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I've tried to find a thread on this and can't find one, I wanted to know how many miles people have been racking up. I have found a thread before (can’t find it now) on an inferior forum to this that has a thread on high mileage Land Rover's 200/300Tdi's etc. I remember being impressed as there were plenty out there with well over 200k some even with 400k. My questions are:

1. How many miles?

2. What major problems have you encountered not including regular servicing cam belts etc?

I'm hoping to hear of some high mile'ers with little problems!!

I'll start of with mine.

1. A measly 72k

2. Clutch, water pump

ta Rich.

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211k on mine.

In the few years I've had it I've replaced the water pump, viscous fan, PS pump, starter motor.

New injectors in it last year, though I'm not 100% sure it needed it. Had the injection pump refurbished which made a huge difference.

200tdi is a great engine, it just the things that are bolted to it are carp :D

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Guest dew110CSW

Mines currently reading 131,333, Subtract 1040 from it as it had an engine swap at only 1 month old (TD to TD, suspect the first one had a factory defect). Engines had nothing done apart from a new set of Injectors, Rest of vehicle has had rear brake rebuild and a re-conditioned PAS box. Not bad going for one that's nearly 18 if you ask me.

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Last defender 300tdi was sold with 170,000 on it, the head had never been removed and it was still on its first set of injectors, i changed the oil every 5,000 miles, and used a fuel aditive...

I'd changed the water pump, alternator, fuel lift pump and PAS pump..

The current 300tdi disco has just turned 120,000... has had a new water pump since i bought it, and a new alternator...

i change the oil every 4,000 miles in this one, and use a fuel additive..

Both the vehicles have used a bit of vege oil in them... ;)

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discovery is up to 203,000 ish as of this week, 194k on it in august last year.

Had to replace starter motor, battery and rear suspension. Clutch release bearing.

Defender is about 97k had about 89k on it 2 years ago.


wheel bearings (few of)

few belts



a frame jt

track rod ends

swivel balls (railko bushes etc)

a few UJs

clutch slave (and did master too)

new clutch (well in a few weeks it will be in there) and associated bits

new input shaft seal (and maybe bearing again in the next few weeks)

patch to chassis

new rear x member (again in the next few weeks)

new CV joints

I think the defender is just getting reliable, but not surprising when you look at the work it's had!

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Guest diesel_jim

Sold my old company car 110 300Tdid SW with 133,000miles on it. had one injector pipe (cracked through) and 3 clutches (they kept breaking the middles out :angry: )

and a PAS pump, leaking oil,

I think that was about it.... nothing like my Td5 110 CSW.....

so far on 138,000ish miles, had:

1x engine

1x gearbox

1x PAS box

4x brake calipers

1x throttle pedal

4x wheel bearings

1x propshaft UJ

soon a new intercooler

1x water pump

1x turbo (because of the original engine problem)

1x CV joint (because of worn splines)

2x halfshaft & drive flanges (worn splines)

roof off to re-seal the screen

3x new doors due to corrosion

neither of them used off road much, just the odd bimble across the Ridgeway/salisbury plain. all mainly work tarmac towing miles.

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My 1994 300 Tdi 110 CSW has done almost 115,000 miles. Fully serviced from new by previous owner.

I've owned her for 7 months and 5,000 miles and have had to replace a wheel bearing in that time.

The battery is on the way out, but I'll replace that soon.

Just had, on my behest, a MAJOR service done including the cambelt. Not cheap, but it was done for peace of mind.

Rear crossmember under rear seats is rusting heavily and will need doing in 18 months or so.

The rear shocks are starting to leak a bit of oil and will be replaced soon for a set of genuine LR items.

Door bottoms are starting to bubble. That'll be expensive!

Oil gets changed every 3 months.

BP Ultimate goes in the tank.

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1996 Defender 110 station wagon. An EX BT motor.

I bought it with 124,000 miles, now on 176,000

A new clutch just after buying and a water pump.Then another water pump last year with a re-cored radiator 14 months ago.

I service every 6,000 miles where pads are renewed if required.

Four new tyres

mike FOAK


I can cause trouble in an empty house !!

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Thanks for all the replies; I can see that there's some big miles to be had with little to upset to the wallet not including mods of course.

I've noticed though there are a few similarities with the auxiliaries going alternator, water pump etc & I had to replace a clutch with a centre spun out.

I have difflock oils thourghout my 300 Defender and change the engine oil every 3k, probably a bit cautious I know but the Turbo enjoys it.

I also run Lucas fuel additive which makes the engine run smoother. The main thing that nags me and the Defenders longevity is what to do about the 10year old chassis that starting to show signs of rust, I have waxoyled it myself which made me want to jump off a cliff at the end because of the waxoyl everywhere. Should I ignore the problem and and save a few pennies a year until its really fu**** I mean rotten get a full on replacement, or should I invest in a decent waxoyl service. Does anyone elese worry too much about this?

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I waxoyled mine and changed the rear x member. Patch on the chassis also. I'll just keep patching it if I find a hole, but its in pretty good condition really.

When the bulkhead and the chassis are tired then I'll probably just cough up for a new galv chassis and bulkhead then rebuild it. I'd expect several years and many patches before I'm anywhere near that though.


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1995 M reg 300Tdi 90, coming upto 170k miles. Replaced turbo (almost 100k miles ago) and a few core plugs and water pump housing suffered internal corrsion and water pump P gasket went but thats it on the engine apart from routine stuff like cambelts, filters, hoses etc.

Bushes on suspension all now replaced and 1 wheel bearing, but nothing else major. Recon main and transfer (mine was an early R380 so not that brilliant to start with). Axles have been fine. When you consider that a Landy will last at least twice as long as a Euro box, cost per year is no worse. Doors starting to bubble but they been like that for years now...

Land Rover emissions may be worse than for a normal car but that is probably more than offset by the fact our vehicles last a lot longer and are not replaced every 5 years. I know my conscience is clear and more than make up for it by recycling and being green in other ways. :P

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200Tdi now 279428 current as of today, no major problems in all it's a great engine & I just love it.

damn i think you beat me. my 'suzu lump when i pulled it out of the trooper was on 273000 miles. i've added a few thousand since then, but maybe not 6000. the rest of the landrover has done just over 200000 kilometers so is still relatively fresh, well maybe not fresh, but it still works.

we need some proper mega mileages on here.

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251k on my 200tdi still pulls like a train had intercooler and rad last year only change alternator coz i wanted bigger amps

my 300tdi disco has 161k and still needs no heat to start it. original head gasket,alternator,starter etc changing rad next week coz the core is shot. oil and filter evey 5k i use castrol tection whats every one else usin?

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251k on my 200tdi still pulls like a train had intercooler and rad last year only change alternator coz i wanted bigger amps

my 300tdi disco has 161k and still needs no heat to start it. original head gasket,alternator,starter etc changing rad next week coz the core is shot. oil and filter evey 5k i use castrol tection whats every one else usin?

Engine: I use Fuchs high synthetic 10W40 (as supplied by Difflock)

R380: Difflock Evo 1

LT230: Difflock Evo 2

Axles: Difflock Evo 2

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Mine's on 228,000, spread over:

2 engines

3 gearboxes

2 t-boxes

4 prop shafts

5 diffs

4 axle casings

numerous wheel bearings

half a chassis

rear tub

3 owners

eight countries to my knowledge (nine if you count Devon)

... so the speedo head is the only rotating part that's covered that mileage!

Sounds like triggers broom :D

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not many v8 boys replying here then.....

Dont think it has anything to do with not being able to do the miles, have seen for sale a while back a P38 with 220k on it.

Its just that not many people can afford to pay for that much petrol!! :D

Just for the record my 3.9 RR, now hybrid has 129k, and i'm the 11th owner......... hmm..... that petrol cost again.

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1984 Def. In my ownership and the previous 1 (my bro in law) we have changed a fair bit. Well to be honest the only things that are original are the front axle casing, bonnet and bulkhead and doors. But next week I'm doing a mojor rebuild and respray, so the bulkhead and doors will be changed along with some new tub sides.

It has had 4 engines that I know of, front axle rebuilt with new balls and shafts with an ARB.

So definitely sounds like a Triggers Landrover!!

And only done about 130k but not sure as the speedo has been changed aswell :D

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I have 244k kms on my 300tdi. It had a head/ring job, at 166k, self inflicted (K&N). Two p-gaskets, one clutch (changed because of the horror stories about forks), rear wheel bearings (also self-inflicted caused by preloading). What is interesting is what I have NOT changed...

Both gearboxes (very early R380 made 1994, LR splasher kit fitted to xfer box)

p/s pump

lift pump

vacuum pump

water pump


p/s box.

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