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Paul Humphreys

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This post is aimed at everyone including those who read the forum but do not post.

Dear Forum Members

Here is a chance to really see if we can beat the system as a well organised bunch

Suffolk County Council are trying to TRO a lane in Suffolk just because of local pressure to do so, There are no real reasons to close this lane .

A local person has got wind of the TRF’s objections to this and has sent emails to locals to rally support.

If this goes ahead it will set up a precedent for TRO’s being used to close lanes left, right and centre, which will not be good for any of us.

Can you Email and get as many of your friends, colleages and contacts to Email and object to this.

Organise it as best as you can so you know who is actually doing it and keep numbers if possible.


Please see what you can do


Simon Bingham

See Below for what to do

Please email your objection to


Here is an example of a quick letter that can be sent.

please amend a little add your name and address and email it tonight.

Dont delay do it Today

Dear Madam,

Re: Hundred Lane Network TRO

I write to object to the Councils intention to place a TRO on this lane.

I am a regular user of all vehicular Rights of Way across England and Wales, and I fail to understand the reasons behind this Proposed TRO.

As you are aware the purpose of any TRO is for the benefit of the users, and I fail to see how this is to my benefit; on the contrary it is to my detriment and will remove my rights.

I Support the Trail Riders Fellowship’s alternative proposal to the closure and would respectfully request that such proposal be given proper consideration.

In any event I wish to lodge my Objection to the proposed Traffic Regulation Order.

I would be grateful if you would acknowledge this objection and keep me advised of the consultation process.

Yours faithfully


Put your name and address

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Dear Mr Humphreys

Thank you for your response to the Hundred Lane TRO consultation. We will now be considering the consultation responses before making a recommendation to the Rights of Way Committee in due course. Your views will be reported to Committee.

Yours sincerely

Mary George

Definitive Map Officer

Countryside Access Team

Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road

Ipswich, IP1 2BX

Tel: 01473 264742

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