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Waffles / Bridging Ladders in a90 hard top


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I had this problem. After much cursing of the rear door, then doing events with out the rear door I found that the best solution is to fit a truck cab... better visibilty, rear corners don't get stuck under tree and best of all you get get stuff out of the back with out being a contortionist.

Failing that how about on the bonnet - easy to get to, right where you would need them.


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thats what codrivers are for as well, putting them back!

i think for competitions the roof is realistically out of the window unless they are a spare set or you dont use them much. for ease of codriver use they need to be easy to get to and put away. clambering up onto a roof to get them down after 6hrs of challenging etc wouldnt be my idea of fun, plus put them back again, and you cant bash all the mud out! across the rear of the load bay by the back door works well, esp if the door is removed.

If its just occasional greenlane use then the roof would prob work well and they are out of the way most of the time as you prob wont be using them much.

Alt If i used them in H?T and had a cage i would prob go the SiWhite option as it also keeps more carp outside.

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