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Like father, like son

Matt Neale

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Out in the sun over the weekend, my son decided that it would be good to dig out his toolbox and service his truck.

He borrowed my jack and axle stands, and went through a whole can of WD40....




Needless to say - SWMBO came out, rolled her eyes, shook her head and went back indoors....

Me - I'm chuffed to bits!



(LR content - it's got a Land Rover Grille badge on the front!!)

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Looks like he's got the bug B). You should build him a rebel replica / toy lander, much better than that plastic American rubish :ph34r:

I know what you mean Mr Lang, sir - but I got this one cheap - those toylanders are up around the £400 mark!! He's well pleased with this truck mind - working suspension, lights, horn - and two forward speeds plus reverse!!! Bl**dy thing's quicker than Bish off road! I've upped the battery a little (12v, 26 amp/hr) and he can spin the wheels in any gear and has already got the hang of drifting... :rolleyes:

(He wants a roll cage for it next - I'm just working out how to make one as he's nearly rolled it a few times already...)


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