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Breakage pics


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The small but very significant latest to cause the most grief:

What was that Tony?

Unfortunately I'm having problems with my photobucket account and I don't have some of my old breakage photo on my newest computer (it's been a while since I've broken anything :rolleyes: ). If I get it sorted I'll dig out some of the "Errrrr, how did that break????" collection including the Zeus chocolate timing gear set, 'some' very broken CVs (including one which blew out the end of the stub axle meaning the hub nuts wouldn't come off), a Bamptonified gearbox cross member and a collection of metal fragments that used to be centre diff spider gears....

Edited to add gearbox x-member:


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Agreed, Jim is sorting me out though so not so bad

Awtg the return of my main shaft with the new M12 bolt fixing

Big Si suggested using a Titanium bolt or a lower grade(not so brittle) this was a 12.9 rated.

I wouldn't feel happy with just another M8 in there, perched at the top of a slope again

the only way to reverse with no safety line.

I guess twin motors means further upgrades required.

I thought the 12mm rope had snapped the bang was pretty loud.

Still another opportunity to clean the inside of the motors and winch :)

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Guest diesel_jim

When I took my ARB's apart to have 4.1:1 CW&P's fitted, frogs found this on one of them:


Don't know how it happened, could have been slightly out of adjustment maybe? it never made any noise, so was obviously well and truly "stuck" in place with the bearing preload etc.

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mmm ok here goes just one or two of the many bits i have broken over the years ( or rather some i took pics of )

I drove at 70 mph for 40 miles with it like this


There were some nice bent push rods that went with this


And this



Trying to put a 90 where is just does not go


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These are the only ones i have on this computer but...

Managed this with 31" at's


This happened when i ripped the balljoint mount off the axle at full chat on a hillclimb


Pushing 90 with a telehandler when a tyre popped off the rim and dug in


M12 dropped out the front of the gearbox and got jammed under the flywheel.


I also have quite a few pics of chewed up diff bits along with a religious axle casing after the afore mentioned bits of diff took flight.


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