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Fans - OTHER than F Kenlowes

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Another of my F kenlowes has died today

Seems they just do not like water, the motors seem to die easy

and replacement are silly prices, I swore when they next went I might replace both with

another make.

What are the make I remember hearing about which are apparently VVVG

begins with an "S" good from a moving loads of air shifting

point a view ....and the motors / units seem high qulaity ....and last ?

I'm done with Kenlowes and pacets too, tried both neither that good IMHO

"S" ?????

Nige :)

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Thanks Les.

Prob I have or will have is space ie size and depth as the 90V8 is in the factory postion, and the rad is bigger at 6 row, so the distance I have depth wise is small, the kenlowes JUST fit in, anything I buy will have to be the same or less, I am going out again in a mo to measure what is on there, so will have an idea, most car / scrappy stuff is too deep, plus these are mounted on the outside of the rad rather than on the inside - as many cars are :(

ALl in all the kenlowes have underwhelmed me, I replaced 1 not than long ago and the price was stupid, seems the motors are not suited to off road work and being dunked in gritty water etc, anyone able to comment on the SPALs and how they stand up to being abused :moglite: ?


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Many of the SPAL cooling fan motors, if not all, are IP68 compliant (dust tight and can be submerged in water beyond 1m).

Kenlowe says their motor are "weather proof" which IMO is equivalent to IP54 or IP64(dust protected/proof and water splash resistant).

I never tested either of them so I can't tell more.

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I think the air-con fans on my Disco are Denso, they have been sitting just behind the grill for the last 13 years, and have been dunked many times, so would say thats another manufacturer worth looking at..

otherwise everyone always has good things to say about Mondeo fans... and at <£10 each from the scrappys you could hold a spare in stock...

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you could move the rad to were it is not affected by water but it solely rely on the elec fan's

by the way I'm not a fan of electric fans and my racer has them and can't run viscous <_< also the cowling would be masive.

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ive got two twin speed volvo fans fitted in my 90

not had them in the water yet.

last year one of my kenlows sized up on the racer,

so i got a spal fan off ebay same size same style ect but a lot less pull

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Fit a nice diesel engine then. No need for a cooling fan then really!

Its odd - I've had my kenlowe for years, and the only time its gone wrong is when the bearings were making such a horrible noise I had to replace them! Theres nothing to them really - have you taken the old one apart to fix it?


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Yep I think that may be them :)

Are they as good as I seem to think I heard they are ?


I have a pair of Spal fans on the bob and I will get the model No for you. I dip them in water a lot and they are still going strong and they've been on there for over 4 years. Mind you I do turn them off when I enter the wet stuff. :P


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Not fitted yet but I obtained a twin fan from an Audi (newer 100 if I rememeber correctly).

It only has one fan powered with a belt attached to the other. Has a nice plastic cowling as well.

If yo want piccies I could take some tomight.



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