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Tool Sizes for Specific Jobs


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2,5 n/a & 2,5 TD

diesel filter banjo bolt - 16 mm

injection pump bleed screew - 8 mm


swivel house filler 11 mm square

swivel house drain 10 mm square

land rover diffs filler 1/2" female

land rover diffs drain 1/2" female

LT77 filler 1/2" male

LT230 filler 1/2" female

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Disco 300Tdi.

Rear suspension upper link bolts = 1 3/16" AF socket.

Upper link to ball joint = 19mm sockets both sides and can be vey tough to split.

Rear suspension trailing arm chassis mounts = 1 3/16" AF socket.

Rear suspension trailing arm to axle = 24mm socket.

300Tdi rear caliper bolts (12 sided) have an m12 thread and do not fit 200Tdi axles, they're too big. Need 1 size smaller but in Imperial, if that makes sense.


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Axle, gearbox and transfer box breathers (Banjo bolts) are 9/16 AF or a tight 14mm. These can be replaced with much better fittings from your local hydraulics/pneumatics store. Thread size is 1/8 BSP. I'd recommend elbow swivels.

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From post 3 -- "2.5 NA crank pulley nut 41mm".

When this bolt incorporates the dog for the starting handle the size is 1+11/16"AF.

43 mm appears to be the nearest Metric size

Expect this socket to be 3/4" drive.

For the 38A Range Rover:

R380 5 Speed Gearbox

Drain plug 32mm + Copper Washer, 25mm ID x 32mm OD,

Fill plug 55 Torx (Tx)

Borg Warner Chain Transfer Box

Fill and Drain plug 13mm Female square

Axle differentials

Fill and Drain plugs 13mm Female Square

Glow Plugs

Glow tube plugs - one pole, 25x6mm

Voltage : 11

Thread : M12x1,25

Spanner width (AF) : 12 mm.

Diesel AC Compressor belt tensioner

13mm AF Spanner

10mm AF Allen key. Turn Clockwise.

Torx bit list

TX40 - Ball Joints on Drag link and Tie bar.

Also Front seat base to runners.

TX45 - Front Seat Runners to bodyshell.

TX55 - R380 5 Speed Gearbox Fill Plug.

Wheel Nuts 27mm 80 lbf-ft


Caliper Pin Bolts, Front & Rear 12mm AF 22 lbf-ft

Front Caliper to hub bolts 19mm 12 point 122 lbf-ft

Rear Caliper to hub bolts 13mm 12 point 74 lbf-ft

Brake Disc to hub screws No4 Pozidrive. 18 lbf-ft

O Rings

Water pump

Water pump O ring 68mm x 6mmCS

Heater Core O rings.

22 mm ID by 2.5 mm thickness.

Use VITON if possible. Has better high temp resistance than the NBR-rubber (Nitrile?) used by LR.


Lines to/from the air dryer are 8mm,

to the air springs 6 mm,

and the venting line is 4 mm.

O-rings are those ID, and are 2.5 mm thick.


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Defender, but I assume virtually any Series or 90 / 110 / 130

Transmission brake adjuster nut on drum = 17mm spanner or socket

No sir...17mm only for Defender, Discovery, etc....Series have a small square sided adjuster that a 1/4" open end spanner fits perfectly in!



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