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Tool Sizes for Specific Jobs


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Was thinking it would be good to compile a list of tool sizes for specific jobs.

So here goes:-

Hub Nuts - 52mm Socket

R380 Filler Plug - T55 Torx

R380 Drain Plug - 32mm Spanner

LT77 Drain Plug - 24mm Socket

LT230 Transfer Box Drain Plug - 17mm Socket

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Good thread!

Radius arm to chassis nuts = 30mm socket

Radius arm to axle nuts = 24mm socket / spanners

I hope I've got those right!! I'm pretty sure that's what they were on my defender. Now I'm wondering whether that's a universal size for all coiler LRs!??!

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swivel to axle bolts on a late coiler, the ones with the 14mm(9/16) double hex bolts.

Another sugestion would be 14 mm double hex socket for later brake discs.

And a really good quality (cos they round off easy) 13mm double hex socket for later brake callipers.

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Freelander cv/hub nut 32mm kin tight

Freelander bleed nipples 11mm /14mm

full set of star thingy's toques needed as props held on them as is steering rack.

ball joints 19mm

steering rack joint 19mm

steering rack star things

engine mounts throw away and build your own.

wheel nut for freelander 22mm

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300Tdi crank bolt 27mm (and its "fully" tight :lol: )

Wading plug holes bell housing and timing belt case 1/4" BSP, same for series 3 bell housing.

300Tdi rad and thermostat housing plastic plugs 1/2" BSP ( for both of the above, brass and iron plugs available from plumbers merchants and larger B&Qs)

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300 Tdi.

Sump plug : 19mm spanner / socket.

Rocker cover bolts : 13mm socket (ratchet spanner for the back one on Disco!)

Auxillary drive belt tensioner : 15mm socket / spanner.

Tappet adjuster locknut : 13mm.

Heater plugs : 10mm deep socket, 7mm socket / spanner for connecting cable.

Thermostat housing : 10mm socket.

Crankshaft pulley : 27mm socket.

Wheel nuts : 27mm socket.

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110 CSW with self levelling unit.

The A-frame ball joint nut is tucked away in the casting with very little clearance. After trying 3 different sockets, I found a Tengtools bi-hex 30mm socket fits. No reference number I'm afraid, but it is matt silver (not shiny chrome) and quite stocky!

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