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Converting to rear discs on a 110


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  • 3 months later...

dragging this out of hibernation -----------

aimed at those of you who have done this conversion ----

did you have to change any brake pipes or end fittings to fit brake pipe to the rear calipers ??

I've just got my rear discs [not britpart] & the rest of the parts

STC1268 x2 caliper brackets
STC1268 RH caliper
STC1269 LH caliper
NTC7964 RH brake pipe
ANR2779 LH brake pipe

NTC8242 plastic pipe clips (x4)
NTC8242 metal “P” clip (for brake pipe)

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The brake pipes on my rear axle are home made using copper/nikkel piping and the right (metric) unions. As far as I can remember I've used the same pipes as the ones already fitted to the drum brake cylinders. With standard pipes you might not be able to reuse the old ones.

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Not touched the pipes yet on mine.

FWIW, i have used FTC1740 stub axles, with standard metric hubs (they're all the same front/rear), bolt on caliper brackets, standard 90 front brake disks (same PN as 110 rears), and the original drive shafts but with the flanges swapped for metric ones.

You shouldnt need any spacers if you use the correct FTC1740 stub and the metric hub.

The FTC1740 hub appears different on the inner face to the front hubs:

FTC3188 (metric front) looks like this:


FTC1740 looks like this:


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That’s one of my (many) jobs this weekend – piping up the rear axle. When I looked a while back, I couldn’t find brake pipes for sensible money given the above part numbers – so am going to make my own using rubber-line ‘P’ clips to clip them to the axle. The original drum-brake pipes on mine were a rusty mess, but either way I doubt they would reach (or allow themselves to be tweaked far enough) to the correct location for the callipers. Easier just to pipe up with new pipe and fittings.


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pretty sure I have both types of stub axle & a pair of front hubs to use.

on the brake pipe, can you confirm the pipe bore size is it 3/16 ??

I haven't got any spare brake pipe in my garage so need to go buy some & end fittings, I've got a flaring kit to hand.

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:i-m_so_happy: great thanks, I can get some tomorrow, plus some more bolts/nuts I forgot to get today.

As we all like shiney new parts here is my rear disc brake conversion kit, I have the mudshield which will be fitted too.

also have a new pair of front vented disc & pads to go on, [already have vented calipers/disc up front, disc need replacing]


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mine are 110 front hubs,should be easy enough to obtain a pair.

bracketsI bought years ago [march '99] still got the reciept. got them from W.E.Phillips engineering, Coalport,Telford, they are still operating according to http://www.westmidlands-businessdirectory.com/company-w-e-phillips-engineering_53143 might be worth a phonecall, doesn't look like they have a wedsite or email address..

LRSeries have the brackets listed FRC3306 http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/14700/FTC3306-HD-REAR-AXLE-CALIPER-MOUNTING.html?search=ftc3306&page=1

Brit-car http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php?xProd=86527

Paddocks http://www.paddockspares.com/ftc3306-mounting-bracket.html

Craddocks http://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/land-rover-defender/defender-90-and-110/parts/brakes/ftc3306-bracket-for-rear-caliper-110.html

Blanchards http://pablanchard.co.uk/product.asp?productID=9009

LR Direct http://www.lrdirect.com/FTC3306-Brake-Calmper-Bracket-90/

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which spacer ?

these hubs have the Key type lock washer, but my existing rear stub axles are the D shaped lock washer type. I have the stubs they were originally fited to as well.

I'm using the caliper brackets, mudshield & brackets too.

hub photo's below






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don't need 4 pot calipers on the rear. leave them up front, with 4 pot allround it'll be way over braked & they probably won't fit on the rears, pistons are the same 46mm dia in the rear 2 pot calipers, you don't want or need the rear brakes locking up first.

the calipers I'm using/links above are same as on the 300tdi & later defenders, RRC rears & IIRC Disco rears post 1991 can be used too.

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Your 110 fronts are already 4-pot. Personally I'd stick to what Land Rover designed, with 2-pot at the rear. But I think in theory you could do it.

As far as I'm aware, Disco rear calipers are the same as 90 rear ones. So they won't fit a 110 rear as the discs are a different size.

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