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Data Needed - Models with Engine / Top speed / RPM "HELP !&#34


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Hi All,

For a project I'm working on ....

I am looking for a list of LRs with various engines, along with their factory Top Speeds and at WHAT RPM in top gear


All discos

All Classic RRs

All 90 and defender variants

And Series etc

Can the kind peeps here all help, either stating what they are and / or links

Can find top speeds, but NOT at which / what RPMs etc !!



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Most of the guides that give the top speed tend to only list one top speed value for a particular model then it is going to be very difficult to get an accurate table of this data as you don't know which tyre size / type was used for this top speed value.

For Example my Disco 2 has 4 different factory tyre sizes (according to owners handbook) that differ in diameter by up to 1.23% in diameter

It also has 3 different models of tyre which will have different rolling resistances (the current A - G rating can be as much as 7.5% difference), the difference in rolling resistance will affect the top speed.

So the single top speed is probably on a single size/type of tyre (could be best/worst/random) or an average.

Also thinking about it more going the gear ratio route to the values might not be accurate as well as it might not make top speed in top gear (I had a car in past where top speed was quoted as being in 4th gear, the 5th gear was more motorway cruise gear)

I wonder what project this is relevant for?
As in most countries the max speed limit is below max speed (except for some series vehicles and some roads in Germany)

For most engineering workings I would think the just the max RPM or the max torque of the engine is probably more relevant .

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unless you've changed the governer spring, yours should be standard?

300 is 4600. 200 is 4100-4260 10/19j is 4400. td5 is 4850. :)

gearing is entirely different never achieved a definite top speed but i know its over a ton

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I need factory data ......

I suggest email the factory then ;), even then if they answer then I don't think you will get an accurate answer as they have probably not measured or calculate all the possible combinations of engine/gearbox/tyres and I suspect that quite often the Top Speed is like the MPG figures they give (e.g. with wing mirrors removed, etc)

Even if they have measured it then it will probably have been done somewhere like Millbrook banked circuit which is only neutral steer at 100mph, so the measured top speed needs to be fudged to accommodate for the steering input needed to keep in on the road above 100mph.

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It's a bit subjective regarding top speed surely ? flat or downhill, still air or headwind/tailwind , ambient temp and air density/moisture , then as mentioned tyres make a big difference too

a few basic parameters would need to be set to get any sort of comparable data ?



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