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  1. Have to love a Perentie, never realised how ugly the windscreens were before, though.
  2. I don't want to derail the discussion but as its quite clear where we sit legally, I'm wondering about halogens. as said, I have LED all around but standard headlights so it's going to look very odd. Are there any halogens with a similar colour temp to LED? I've seen blue tinted bulbs but they're unbranded so wouldn't trust them for interior lights let alone safety-critical.
  3. Just read this all, absolutely amazing stuff. I wish I had a tenth of your skill/intelligence.
  4. After all these poncey campers recently, that Suzuki puts them to shame.
  5. Stupid question: do I need to use loctite on the conrod bolts? The manual doesn't say. I found the whole build suspiciously loctite-free. I'm doing it this weekend when I have plenty of time and no distractions. Then I'll be trying out all of the little changes I have made to fix my running issues.
  6. I like that, it's not trying to be anything. Spending months out in a desert with 9 other people, on the other hand.... Cant imagine it's too fun to be a passenger if you're not sat in the cab.
  7. It has to be unofficial, someone's first time playing around with 3D modelling software.... I hope.
  8. The panel gaps are certainly staying true to the original, if nothing else is.
  9. It could be worse.... The annoying thing is the kit itself is practical and sensible - I found this while looking for something similar to organise the interior for camping gear and address the lack of storage in the interior. I just wish it didn't have to look like you're about to storm the Capitol Building.
  10. That is a good point on the window protection Simon, hadn't considered that. And it does look like there's a surge in this style of build, though there's always been an undercurrent of waltism. If you look at actual armoured conversions, they're done to look as close to the original base vehicle as possible so that everyone around you doesn't know someone (or something) of high value is being carried. They deliberately try to blend in. Even the Snatch is meant (however successfully) to look as close as possible to a hard top Wolf. This style is basically a movie prop. I'm sorry
  11. I hate this faux tactical look that it seems half of refurbished Defenders are being given. There's a 110 going around with fake armour and those flip down window protectors, the cringe factor is unreal. I would love to hear their justification for fitting this kind of thing (which is not cheap). Each to their own and all that but it reflects really badly on the "community" when these are seen in public. It's a huge shame because the conversion looks well done and thought out.
  12. I think that's exactly what is fitted, so sounds like I'll be fine. I'll check out everything before I start chopping.
  13. It's been horrible doing the run-in on mine, stopping every minute for one problem or another so my 20 minutes is in minute blocks, reckon I've already ruined the cam. I believe the Kent booklet said 2500-3000 RPM, but will be different depending on what you gone for.
  14. Agreed, I have done something similar in replacement of the now-defunct headlight levelling switch.
  15. I've heard good things among the Jag owner types that have a car stashed away for special occasions that the CTEK Car Battery Comfort Indicators are pretty good at £10. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/battery-maintenance/battery-accessories/ctek-car-battery-comfort-indicator-166747.html There's one that works through the cigarette lighter I wasn't aware of, too : https://www.halfords.com/motoring/battery-maintenance/battery-accessories/ctek-comfort-indicator-cigarette-plug-549784.html Harry Metcalfe showed his considerable fleet in one video were all using them so he could see
  16. Is that some kind of Le Rosbif Tax or applied to all foreign vehicles?
  17. Thanks to advertising practices that I am sure in no way infringe on our privacy, Youtube showed me the FF2 system as an ad so I've now seen how it works. Definitely not going to cut it for the dash area, anything worth saving is gone well before the thing would activate - just as everyone said. I am, however, more convinced for the engine bay than I was - any chance of fighting it without opening the bonnet and introducing yet more air is a winner. AFFF is not intended for electrical fires so even that is no good for this situation. So decision made - I have everything fused, p
  18. I know this isn't exactly what you're after, but I've used self adhesive heat insulation from Merlin Motorsport as I was worried about the proximity of chassis legs to manifolds. They do have some (very expensive) sheeting that you can form into the shape required. https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/s/heat-insulation/zircoflex-heat-insulation/zircoflex-form-structural-heat-shield
  19. I know I will be mercilessly ridiculed for this, but I quite like this one.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402601182851
  20. There are many threads of these conversions covered in the forum, as Bowie says. I didn't convert from a diesel but I've pasted three threads in particular that helped me most when engine swapping. Keely did a TD to V8, so that's very applicable to your situation and the truck is a work of art (I doubt he'll see this, so I can say that). The others cover the other things to think about when putting in a V8 and getting it to work, as not all problems will usually present themselves in one build...except mine. The Megasquirt section will be useful to you even if you're not looking at fitting MS
  21. Escape, if I could 'like' that 10 times over, I would. So much of it perfectly captures my own thoughts. Nearly bought an 850R T5 as I have a thing for fast Volvos (they fit my sense of humour), wouldn't want to work on one though.
  22. I love your 90, @L19MUD. It's been inspirational to getting my own finished, though that won't be this year now.
  23. All, thanks for the continued advice/comments etc. Tanuki - those are exactly the systems I as thinking of, I have a mate who owns a historic rally car (run to latest MSUK regs) that was the inspiration for this, but the tanks are bulky in a 90. For note, I have used anti-abrasion sleeving from WVP for pretty much everything, and for the stuff that will sit on top of the engine or near exhausts, some heat resistant sleeving. I have used heater pipe for some extra protection already, which has the added benefit of looking like it belongs there. I've kept everyt
  24. While I know that Xbox and TOWIE weren't around in 1912, I am certain there wasn't much else to do? I find the idea of sitting in front of a screen at work, coming home to sit in front of another, bigger screen until it's time to read your phone screen in bed just too much, yet so many people do. At least wrenching on things taught me how stuff works that I've been able to use on other vehicles/around the house and save garage bills etc. I'm sure it's the same for you, even if you look on it differently now!
  25. Ah, I didn't mean to imply threads aren't always useful just because it's been done before. I enjoy many of the newer builds going on and seeing how people have done things; the level of ingenuity on this forum is outstanding. It's just cringey reading back through how over complicated I have made things. I certainly know how to talk up a job. When you Series boys lose motivation, just look at the things you're working on! With a decent engine like a V8 and the looks/character of an S2 that sounds like a great vehicle. Unlike the Defender bubble that is already bursting, the value of S
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