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  1. "I was never a fan of the old Defender" And yet so many times he pretended to be. He has a habit of saying just enough of what he thinks "car guys" want to hear without actually holding any of those views himself (he actually detests his own fans, yet they will leap to his defence with pitchforks). Irrelevat celebrity gives irrelevant review on a car.
  2. Thanks for that, really useful. I'll be ordering one. What's the change intervals like, just half? Already changing the standard ones at 6,000 miles. Regarding the "why?", I want to keep it as simple as possible, not actually sure that the filter sits any lower than it was on the 3.5 so may not be in danger at all but want to remove all doubt.
  3. Don't suppose you have any photos of them fitted? I'm Interested in a set but only found the £125 ones when looking, much more interested without that 1 at the front.
  4. Ah of course, and was explained a few pages ago now I think about it. Thanks for the help.
  5. That's really useful, I can make that. Stupid question, but how do you know how long to make the stop? Too long and surely you could stop the piston before TDC.
  6. I've checked the leads several times as I thought the exact same. They all are where the should be, but the room for error here is with the wiring of my coil packs - if I have that wrong, surely that would be the same as having the wrong lead to the wrong cylinder. However, since rebuilding and fixing the issue with the non-firing cylinder above, it's sounds sweet as F. It would barely idle before and bog when I blipped the throttle, now it's responsive and smooth (if a little bit too loud). That doesn't prove they're not all firing but in the wrong order, and Fridge has suggested it's po
  7. I did have this before my engine rebuild as one injector was not firing at all (unknown to me). I've pulled off each injector connector to leave only one connected and listened for the 'click' on ignition then cycled them until all I knew all injectors were clicking on their respective connectors. Didn't make the mistake of checking them all off one connector...
  8. Questions like this help me audit what I've done. I used a borescope camera to see when cyl. 1 it was at TDC, which was exactly when the woodruff key points at the sparkplug for cyl. 1, so just marked the woodruff as TDC and the marks are measured off either side of that using a printed timing wheel gauge that I then painted on. The pointer does meet the mark when it's TDC.
  9. Thanks for the continuing advice. After my last post I completely lost all motivation for any work on the car. Longest it's not been worked on in over two years and just starting to get the determination to finish it. Haven't started it up since last time but have done some tweaking. I'm more posting to shame myself to keep going with it seeing as people are still trying to help (including the legedary BBC). I had the rocker cover off and checked the valve timing, it looks right (or is exacly 180 degrees wrong). Nige has given me the original map to start from a known state and sugge
  10. Do you recommend any particular make of filter, Escape? Marginally worried about my front axle in the 90, a shorter filter will definitely fix it.
  11. David, really appreciate you taking time for such a comprehensive response. You've identified the part numbers I suspected but wasn't sure, which makes me confident enough to order. £10 for what is essentially a nut and bolt is steep, but given it's a very specific nut and bolt that I can't make myself, thre's no option. Thanks again for the help and looking forward to seeing if we're right...
  12. Turner's rotor set was not BP, came in a red box. They should have one in stock, as I have just returned mine having bought an entire new front cover (which came with the gears pre-installed) for the reasons you say. Your engine build sounds almost as troublesome as mine, good luck with it.
  13. 1988 Land Rover 90 V8 I can't find the clevis pin/whatever it is that is meant to hold the lower heater control cable in place. This isn't shown on any of the normal diagrams. Also while I'm asking, there's a pin that holds the bonnet release cable on the mechanism that releases the cable itself - I also need that one. Any help greatly appreciated, thought these would be easy, apparently not.
  14. What you said, but with the added knowledge that this is 100% sorted legally. That's a big thing for a lot of people. Pretty clear this isn't just a rebuilt Defender, but an entirely bespoke Defender-shaped item that's going to be a whole step up. I don't understand getting angry over the way other people choose to spend their money. I promise you they don't care nearly as much about your life choices.
  15. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202010064664699? Not ebay, not cheap and I don't fancy that.... but someone might know the owner so I'm not putting it in the other thread......
  16. I did some research and there is one potential fix. It's quite expensive but I think it could solve the issue.
  17. Drawing links between modifications and sexuality is not valid and does nothing to enrich the content of this forum, jokingly or otherwise, if it could make users feel unwelcome based on those grounds. This has to be a welcoming forum, or it won't be a forum for long. Please post accordingly. Oh I know, it's PC gone mad.
  18. talking of side protrusions that should be illegal... # But yes, it's a fair point - not much benefit to removing it from one place due to legalities only to put it somewhere worse. Disregard.
  19. I don't think anyone in the thread is having a dig at you. If anything Snagger is digging at the sellers of untested 'performance' equipment. There's clearly a lot of skepticism around this product, the only/best way to prove what your seat is telling you is for the rolling road test. That said, no one is denying that the car may feel better and, if anything, that's more important than peak power on a day to day basis. If the car is appreciably smoother, then you're onto a winner - I think most people's objection is that these are sold on the basis of unsubstantiated performance claims.
  20. Fuel tank delete. There can't be too many ways around it, unfortunately. That said, put up a photo of the mountings and where it interferes. I'm sure the collective brains of the forum will find a solution if one is possible.
  21. Would a Wolf style hardtop side mount work on a Series? Clearly this is a common issue, aside from being uncomfortably high mounted that might get it out of the way. I'm not saying it wouldn't look pants.
  22. Forget all this tyre nonesense, I want to know what you are bodging and then selling (top photo). For what it's worth, I think you're making the right decision by removing it. If there was a serious accident, driver visibility is one of the first things looked at.
  23. Ah, it looked very dark grey on my screen. How odd.
  24. I like it, definitely need to see more photos. At least it's not just a boggo 2.2 sheep in wolf's clothing. You'll get those that don't think a Defender is proper unless there's bailer twine holding a door closed and at least three different types of brake caliper of varying serviceability. A bit of variety doesn't hurt the forum.
  25. Sorry to go OT, but what colour is this 90? I shamefully have one Britpart wing and it's fine.
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