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Vinyl Wrapping


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The 110 needs new doors and a bulkhead. I have all of the bits and will need to spray them before fitting. All fine there. However, the vehicle will look odd if I put newly sprayed doors on it unless I re-spray the rest of the bodywork. The trouble is, I like the look/patina of the 110 as it is - its old and used and it looks it and I like that!
Neil has come up with the great suggestion that if I were to take detailed photos of the old doors before replacement, I could get the new ones wrapped so that they look like the ones they are replacing (just not rusty and falling apart!!)
Can anyone recommend somewhere that might be able to do this for me in either South Hertfordshire or East Cornwall? I don't mind dropping the doors off a bit further afield for a good recommendation.
Not sure where to start looking as a lot of the websites for companies that offer this are pretty rubbish so a recommendation would be good!
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1 minute ago, monkie said:

Alternatively, could you get the new paint colour matched to the old faded colour?

The doors are quite mottled/patchy Phil, so I think it would be tricky. Laquer is missing in places and not in others so some is fairly matt, some quite shiny. (I am not selling the look, but i just like it how it looks now!)

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We use a company called Verve Display in Harlow for large format printing and stage graphics etc, LINK

Have never used them for vehicle graphics but I know they do do them. I'll dig out the contact details of our contact there when I'm back in the office tomorrow and get them to you if you want.


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2 hours ago, mickeyw said:

Send your doors to me. I could manage a dreadful looking spray job. That may be all you need :lol:

Haha - I reckon I will do a good job of that part!

The porsche is kinda similar to what I had in mind.

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Not having a dig at the OP but fake patina is horrible , fake vinyl wrap patina is even worse . I would think a sympathetic respray of the doors and bulkhead would be much better , you could even flat them back to the desired fade ?

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I have wrapped vans and getting wrap to match colours and paint to match wrap is very difficult. You also tend to get a gloss from the wrap texture in certain lights imho.

As has been said I would colour match and paint, give the rest a gentle polish then go down some scratchy lanes etc.


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