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Lidl smart battery charger


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This week in Lidl.... is a 6/12V smart battery charger for just £13.99 and with a 3 year guarantee. It has modes for de-sulphation, quick charge to 80% and trickle, just like the excellent Ctek chargers. I have one of the latter, but have bought one of the Lidl ones as well. It says its suitable for batteries up to 120Ah. Leads look a decent length. Will see how it performs..




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Learned ones in the way of electrickery,

For ease of use could one make permanently connected flyleads for one of these chargers with perhaps an econoseal connector for easy connection in the manner of the Ctek remote connectors ?

Would it be ok to charge with the main live and earth terminals still connected ?

Just thinking of easy daily maintenance charging of the deep cycle battery on mains hook up whilst camping.


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I was kinda assuming the same as @Anderzander.....


Ctek provide the fly-leads which suggests they don't expect you to isolate the battery !!

I'd have a go Mo and get a friendly man with a yellow van to check the battery status now and after several sessions on the charger...

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3 hours ago, Anderzander said:

CTek in Lidl for 29.99


Thats an absolute bargain for that charger. I have the mxs10 and its saved a fair number of batteries from scrap and kept scrap ones powering electric fences for a lot longer than they would otherwise!

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4 hours ago, Anderzander said:

This is one in Lancashire - just turned up on the shelf.

I just managed to pick one up from Lidl in Darwen as its just down the hill from Buckley Brothers and I was picking up bushes for my hockey sticks due to changing my front axle case. 

I am not sure how many they have in stock as you take an empty cover to the till for them to go and get from the stock room - which they struggled to find!

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