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Crowsfoot wrenches


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Got a job on family car that requires the use of crowsfoot wrenches, anyone got a recommendation for brands? Keep in mind Its a one off job therefore cost is kinda important, can't justify a small fortune on something I'm probably going to use once or twice.

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A cheap set would probably do the job.

If however, space is tight with limited arc of movement to undo the nut (Is it injector pipe removal?), you may want to consider the exact size from Snap-On, as the offset from square drive to crows foot flats is different when you flip it over. I found it particularly useful and essential when removing injector pipes on a lion V6!

For reference, I already had a cheap set, but bought one 17mm crows foot from Snap-On for circa £17.


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2 hours ago, muddy said:

As above or weld a nut/socket to a cut off old spanner.

tried that, also tried bending a suitable spanner,  so off to carlisle for a visit to Halfords and Machine Mart.

Cheers folks

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So these arrived (wife says they are my birthday present, how does that work, i paid for the buggers.....) made by  Liquid Levers. Don't care if they break cos they're shiny. seem to work too20240211_124448.thumb.jpg.54e562ec7788fdfb8eabea7dedf6144c.jpg

T-handle is quite useful. 3/8th drive

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1 hour ago, hurbie said:

they look the part , let's hope they work as well .

Yeah but they're shiny...... I will end up destructive testing them.....perhaps not intentionally, but in my world, everything is a hammer.

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