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Dodgy fuel anyone?


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Chris, just remind us again why you bought the rangie...... as for second hand tank i take it the Jones yard is providing? as your not down tomorrow are you......

According to Radio 2 tonight the fuel is taking out the Lambda (O2) sensors in Cat systems. Apparantly not enough stocks of sensors to go round!

I filled up at Tesco's Monday night with unleaded and the Shell station on the A23 with gas, shall be running gas only until the contaminants have disappeared. Legal expert was saying that if you prove liability from your fuel supplier thay pick up the bill for repairs.

Now where is that Tesco receipt from Monday and how much is a new 3.9............................! :D

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Saw the reports as well...

Nothing come back from any of our fleet cars yet (approx. 2,200 cars) but one member of staff has car in a garage tomorrow following poor running after filling up in Tesco in Harlow on Friday....

We shall all need to watch and see !!! Initial rumours are that it could be contaminated fuel at the storage tanks. If so, could be in all supermarket fuel in South East and some of the brands.

Safest would probably be Shell, BP, Esso as they have their own storage in South East and wouldn't pull from same tanks.

Just found this while looking around....



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Well as i have heard on News here in Aus . They seem to be focusing on Tesco and

Morrison feul.

So certainly adds agruement to the use of cheap supermarket fuel with already been shown on here to cause problems with the older land rover diesel engines any way due to lack of sulphur. But now petrol

mmmm not only are you lot paying thought the noise for it but it is cost you money to fix your car too. :)

So leads more to the agruement of which is better V8 or Diesel :D:D

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As I work for on an oil refinery I listened to this on the news with interest. Bear in mind that every petrol station in an area of the country will get petrol from the same supplier. I.e. If shell do not have a refinary in say soctland, then they will do a deal with the local refinary and get there petrol there, so will Tesco, etc, etc.

So if there is a bad batch of fuel then every filling stayion will have it. However if you car is effected you should be able to find out from your filling station when they got the delivery from the refinery. From there if you keen and have a lawer you should be able to get them to get the reserve samples from the batch tested in an independant lab......

I know this as customs did the refinery I work in for multi millons when we inadvertantly sold normal fuel as low sulphur (lower tax rate) for 6 months or so. When the cusoms guy's checked the reserve samples they found that some mupet in the works lab had calibrated the test gear wrong - so for 6 months we sold normal fuel as low sulpur.... then customs asked for the full tax based on it being high sulphur fuel............. bit of a f**k up.


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Tesco and Morrisons have had their fuel tested and it's ok apparently. Some mechanic from Renault says £200 to fit a new Lambda sensor. Just shows how much dealers rip you off - a new sensor is £46, you usually need a 22mm spanner or deep socket.

Unplug the wire.

Unscrew the old sensor

Screw the new sensor in

30-mins max


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A chap on the news last night said there was £800-worth of damage to his car, worth £400. He was nearly in tears.

Radio 1 suggests that refineries, filling stations and the tanks of affected vehicles have been dipped, nothing found.

I've got to do 200 miles tomorrow and I'm really worried tha... oh no, that's right, mine's a diesel :D

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Nice to know the people in the middle have it all under control ! :)

Of course they have...... just like they had at Buncefield........


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