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Kumho KL71 Mud Tyres


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Not sure if this is the right spot to throw this in... I vaguely remember seeing a thread somewhere regarding this tyre asking for feedback.

I was always planning to fit Goodyear MT/Rs (esp as I could get them at just over wholesale price :D ) but then my contact disappeared and I had to fend for myself at retail pricing... :ph34r:

I let my mouse to the walking and found a this mud tyre from Kumho that tweaked my interest. I've used Kumho's a bit in the past on my road cars with good results. Long story short, I found a set of old, second-hand Fomb 15x7" alloys and got a set of 31" Kumho KL71s fitted about 6,000kms/2 months ago and I've just gotta share my experiences with other enthusiasts.

OK, first the disclaimer - I do not work for, or have ever worked for Kumho, or any of their affiliates, or distributors or anything, and I will not receive any financial gain from anyone buying or not these tyres. This is an independant review, and my opinions only. I don't care what tyres you fit, or who fits them.

Right... Now the good bit. These tyres are awesome! Let me explain. I drive about 170kms (100mi+) per day just on my daily commute to and from work, pretty much all highway (motorway). Every chance I get I go playing in and around my home (I live in a rural area with excellent access to some of Victoria's best 4WDing within 15-30mins). I love playing in mud and slush. These tyres are amazingly quiet on road (no worse than BFG ATs, for comparison), hang on like grim death on road (lateral, longitudinal, wet, dry doesn't matter), and yet plough through the soft stuff like there's no tomorrow. Mud clearing is very good, with little clagging and nothing a touch of right foot won't fix. I haven't assessed snow/ice traction as yet, and my exposure to sand has been limited (but positive). Excellent in clagging clay and all other loose surfaces I've tried. The biggest (and only) complaint I have is that they have a knobbly ride at speeds up to about 10-15km/hr (<10mph)... That's it. That's the worst thing I can say about them. From jogging speeds onwards they are as quiet and civilised as a good AT tyre. I should however mention that the sidewalls are only 2-ply rated, which may worry some of you with regards to puncture resistance. Time will tell with my usage as to whether that's a problem or not. I've killed BFG ATs in the past (delamination and splitting) - 3-ply, but had no real issues with my Goodyear AT/Rs (2-ply), so go figure? Also, the KL71s have some pretty meaty sidewall protection moulded-in (like the MT/Rs), so this may be less of an issue. Size availablity is limited mainly to the core standard sizes, but also low-profile/big-wheel sizes up to a crazy 38x14R24"! Sizes listed seems to vary by country, and some more are reportedly being tooled up now and due to be available at some time in the future. I suggest you do your own research, but get a second opinion as to what's actually available if you strike out first time (like I did). The tread compound feels quite soft, which seems to be contributing to good chip and tear resistance (and great on-road grip) but I can't see any appreciable wear (or measure a difference from new) after 6,000kms. It's still at about 14-15mm tread depth. Certainly the wear rate is a lot better than I expected from such a soft-sticky tyre.

It looks like the tyre is designed to run mainly on the centre strip of tread on-road which means the side bars don't make heavy contact unless cornering. On any loose surface (or aired down a bit) the side lugs start to do their thing. Best of both worlds :) This might mean that they get noisier as they wear down (typical of mud-tyres) but they actually seem to be better now than when new, if anything. I run mine at around 36-38psi front and rear on-road, and haven't had to air-down for traction yet off-road. That gives me an on-road footprint of the entire tread apart from the outer 3/4 inch of the offset outwards lugs. They've also got a rim bead protector moulded into the sidewall, which I reckon helps prevent dirt and sticks, etc jamming into the bead (and helps protect your rims from damage).

Oh, and did I mention that they retail for about 2/3 the price of the MT/Rs...? I paid under AU760 retail for a set of four (31x10.5R15), fitted and balanced. That's less than the wholesale price of the MT/Rs w/out fitting! They were actually a few dollars cheaper than the old-pattern Kumho muds in the same size from the same source. No-brainer, there.

Some links for those interested... And a pic of a proper floatation-sized tyre fitted up, and a couple of my front and rear tyres at about 5,000kms for reference. Yes, they do look that good in reality... Even better with mud all over them ^_^




Happy four-wheeling :)




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I sell them at work here and they are our most popular type by far nowadays, the size range is limited (at the moment we only have 31x10.50R15 and 33x12.50R15 but those are the two most popular sizes here anyway) but I believe more sizes have just been released.

I'm still not sure whether I like them or not (I'm a BFG man at heart) but most people who have them seem to like them. They don't last as long as a BFG (on our roads anyway - but nothing lasts long on the roads here) but at around 2/3 the price you pays your money etc.

Good feedback though, thanks :)

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  • 2 months later...

Tyre wear update, for those interested...

Refer below for pics of my tyres taken today. They've done approx 17,000kms now. I'll rotate them every 20,000kms. Wearing evenly, but more wear on the fronts. They started at about 12.0-12.5mm depth, now at around 10.5-11.0mm on the fronts, 11.5-12.0mm for the rears. At this rate they'll do an easy 80,000kms, so I'm pretty happy - esp given the grip and performance and the fact they get driven on in a spirited manner. They seem to be resisting off-road damage pretty well, too. Noise levels are remaining acceptably low. Overall, still a very happy customer.

P.S. 38 psi front and rear (lightly laden).

Front tyre shown first, then rear.



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Great feedback DiscoClax - I have been looking at these for a while now for when my RTV RRC (finally) hits the road, but was a little concerned that nobody else in my club has them - I didn't want to be the first to find out that they are not as good as the whatevertheyares that everybody gets cheap from wotsisname... :D


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Well, I can add a little here…………….

I fitted a set of 235/85 KL71’s onto the 90 primarily because my road mileage had increased and I needed something friendlier than super swampers on the tarmac (Super Swampers are famous for not being round)……………. :lol:

Having now sold the super swampers the KL71’s have now been pressed into quite serious off road use as well ……………. just while I make up my mind as what to replace the super swappers with………..but that’s another story………. :rolleyes:

The dry tarmac performance is excellent with no noticeable noise…….the wet tarmac performance surprised me ……….. they are very steady indeed and provide a more than adequate braking / cornering performance………..

Off road was the biggest surprise …………. I expected them to be sort of average, but they exceeded all expectations, however, the side slope performance is only mediocre………… but I guess in reality I am comparing the side slop performance to those of Triple Side Lug (TSL) tyres !.

On wet grass these tyres respond well to airing down……..I run about 10 – 15 psi, where as the normal road pressures are 27psi.

Being a directional tread, more grip can be obtained by reversing the tyre to the wrong direction, in fact the difference is very impressive………….. you can emulate this by driving a section until traction is lost, and then doing the same section in reverse……

Reversal of the tread is easy, just swop N/S of O/S etc………………but don’t do this on the tarmac as the wear rate and noise will be horrendous. :blink:

The wear rate seems good ………….. I have done about 4K miles and there is no appreciable wear………maybe a tad on the fronts………..

All in all these seem a very good tyre for the price and certainly equal to, or better than BFG muds…………..




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I am running a pair of these 33/12.50/15 on the front of my land cruiser and have been for some 6 months or so if they carry on like they have been then they shall go on the back when the muds that are currently there have worn out and a new set will be bought for the front.

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  • 6 months later...

I have decided that I am probably going to be buying some of these KL71s on modulars next month (when the bonus arrives) and now I have another decision to make: Do I go for 235/85x16s or 31/10.5x15s?

I think that the overall diameters are fairly similar, although the widths are quite a bit different (if I did my sums right), but the 16s cost about £40 more. Any performance reason to chose one over the other?

TwoSheds (I sold the third)

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31x1.50R15 are usually a little less than 31" while 235/85R16 are nearer 32" so you will be losing about an inch in height, or half an inch of ground clearance. And of course the 10.50s are wider - more like a 265 section, and the KL71 10.50 is wider than most other 10.50s too.

For here, I would go for the 10.50s. For UK, probably the others. Depends on what conditions you will be using them in...

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31x1.50R15 are usually a little less than 31" while 235/85R16 are nearer 32" so you will be losing about an inch in height, or half an inch of ground clearance. And of course the 10.50s are wider - more like a 265 section, and the KL71 10.50 is wider than most other 10.50s too.

For here, I would go for the 10.50s. For UK, probably the others. Depends on what conditions you will be using them in...

I was looking to replace my current 235/85/16 (32") Machos with something a bit bigger to gain a little extra clearance under the diffs.

I wasn't 100% committed to going bigger but after checking prices etc I may go for a wheel & tyres package consisting of 33.12.5x15 with 8x15 black modulars.

I thought about the 285/75/16 KL71 but it was quite expensive, its seems like a cheaper option to go down to 15s, that way I can sell my Machos on the rims there on & hopefully get some cash back.

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wont fit anything else to my trucks tryed a few makes and these are awsome

the prices are good to not much more than a remold but safer

it makes me a lot happier shelling out 1/2 the value of the car on wheels/tyres when I read something like this :)

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  • 1 year later...

After reading this topic I have decided that I'll get myself into the minus figures for the month to get these tyres instead of the runway enduro A/T



I must be the only one then who has totally shagged a set of KL71s in under 8000miles, (110 CSW) pretty good off road especially if they are reversed but i find them noisy much more than BFGs anyway, will not get another set. For

what its worth the Enduro A/Ts on the 300 Disco are still excellent after 60000 miles.


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This thread is just what the forum needs!

I see the comments re tread wear, but can any of the reviewers comment on whether they maintain their balance when used on road?

Speeds - (esp 60 - 70) - for motorway cruising?

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My 2p worth

I've had these on my disco for 35,000+ miles with no problems and very little wear, mainly road use and a bit of greenlaning.

Very pleased so far.

265/75/16 on on offset modulars, needed a 2" lift and a bit of trimming to the wheelarches though.

Edit- Re. balancing for motorway speeds, no problems so far.

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Ive been running a set of these (265/75x16) on my V8 disco for some time now. ( I use beads in mine)

High speed motorway is fine, in-fact on the road they are a great tyre.

I like them off road and will probably by another set but for two things, I have found them very soft and damage very easily in flinty conditions, mine have lots of cuts in the side walls and the blocks are cut to bits.

This could just be the sites ive been visiting but other guys I go with's tyres are not as chewed up as mine, could be my choice of tyre pressure or my driving style.

Also in heavy clay they dont seem to clear very well. (maybe I just dont spin them fast enough to clear them.... not to sure)

So, would I get them again? Probably, but I might try the Mickey Thompson MTZ....

Im going out in the mud on the 4th, might try turning them around half way through the day see what the difference is like..


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thumbs down from me 12000 miles on a 300 tdi disco and they are all worn out

not very quiet either

Cant comment on mileage as I have only recently purchased a set of these, but on my navara they are extremely quiet. In fact as quiet as the OE tyres from new, not like the special tracks on my 90!

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So far after 8000 miles no sign of wear on my 265/85/16 's, found them good on and off road, not as noisey as the Cooper Discover AT's on the works Trooper,as for cutting etc on side walls, no sign, did read somewhere that the 16" have 8 ply side walls and the 15" only six ply but can remember where i saw it.

So they get a thumbs up from me

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