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Carling Switch Legends

Kev Baldwin

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As some of you will be aware, I've been working on a solution for the elusive legends for the Carling Contura switches. Rather than go the genuine (read: expensive) Carling route that involves replacing the whole of the switch rocker (and us inevitably having to keep hundreds of different rockers on the shelf), we've decided to have some stickers made up. We had a test set made and they've worked out better than expected. In fact, I'd even say you'd be hard pushed to tell they're stickers! These will be individual stickers with a more off-road and 4x4 specific use in mind than a 'universal' legend sheet. The legends fix over the square window on the Carling Contura switches and will be supplied as a sheet containing all the likely switch legends you're likely to need.

Got the first proof emailed from the printers today and all is looking good. However, before my man pulls on the lever to fire his John Bull printing press into life and runs off hundreds of these things, is there anything specific you guys would like to see.

I've included all the usual suspects, but I don't want to miss anything before giving the printer the green light. I've already added a couple of extra legends this morning, so I'd appreciate your input into what you want to see and what you think should be included. Reluctant to issue a list of what I've got already or post a copy of the proof, so just post up your ideas.

Picture below illustrates how the legends look on the Carling switches.



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Off the top of my head;

Winch (for those with only 1 ;) )

Front Winch

Rear Winch

On Board Air

Front Light Bar/Work Lights

Rear Work Lights

12V Sockets (for manually switching extra fag lighter sockets and the like)

I am sure there will be more...



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underlighting neons






Xbox 360



WOW never thought of using carling switches on my welder!!

got any to acivate the spinners? :lol:

How about,

windscreen washers



sat nav type equip???

cheers, will.

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Cheers Guys.

Apart from a couple of late editions, looks like I got everything covered. Thanks for that.

Worryingly, I had thought of including a couple of 'fun' legends, but thought "nah, that's just daft"...... Oh how wrong can you be! Was expecting someone to come up with a 'Forum Discount' switch legends too....

Dave: Legends will be as illustrated in pic. Black on clear.

Will post up when we get them in.

Kev B

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Super idea, perfect for my next project need a metode to understand what ALL these switches are for (no my memory is not the best ;) )

What about to include these also?

Heated front windscreen

rear winch

roof light left

roof light right

roof light front

roof light rear



please dont roll now :P

More power now

what is the price of a sheet with these (and all the others, well almost all :D )



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