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What Are You Up To This Weekend ?

Les Brock

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Well I'm de-coking the head, all the valves are out and I've spent the best part of 3 hours getting all the crud off the valves, still at least some air will get in now ?

Lapping the valves in tommorow as the seals seem a little dodgy, so I might as well do it while its all apart !

Had the block checked in situ for the second time by a second party and they recon its flat !!!!!, so do I risk it ?, because I really DO NOT want to strip it all down and rebuild it again :angry:

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i'm fabricating a rear cross member for the hybrid, also making roll cage mounts, fuel tank mounts, rock slider mounts, modifing seat box, tunnel and floors, pulling all the body off the chassis, finish welding everything ready for galving :D

OK, OK i won't get it all done this weekend but hopefully done by next weekend

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Two different (and I suppose) independant opinions seems pretty conclusive I'd say.

Me? I'm just doing general 'tinkering' on the Disco, door locks, replace door mirror, make the handbrake work after it filled up with that special Slindon mud (Dunno about White Stuff more like Yellow sticks-like-toffee-on-carpet stuff :) ) Got a MOT end of the month so just making sure it's tidy and then book it in.

Good luck with the Tdi Les.

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Fitting most of the new EDIS ignition to the Range Rover (plus running around doing other odds and ends - taking the dog for his jabs, bit of carpentry)...

Got the trigger wheel on (thanks Geoff) and have the VR sensor bracket. Currently having problems getting the bolt back through the bottom of the alternator strut, which seems to be longer than the space it occupies :angry:

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That looks very posh Tony! I'm sure Chris'll be giving it the once over during his trek west this week.

Anyway, this weekend, I'll be mostly trying to extricate the rest of my lawn, and I should also really be trying to figure out why the ORV (Off Road Vogue FYI (For Your Info)) is idling at over 2500 RPM.....!!? Actually, it's not so much idling as revving my nuts off!


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Nothing this weekend but I'm off to Exmoor tomorrow for a crank change on my 90. Bought as seen, good deal but the previous owner had buggered up the front of the crank and bodged it all back together with some liquid metal :angry: . All was fine till I atttempted a belt change and it all went downhill from there. Cost me about £300ish for all the bits that I need. Incl crank. :) All parts supplied by Bearmach in Maidstone. Very friendly and helpfull.

So hopefully by Wed it should all be buttoned back up ready for a few lanes before I head back to Kent.

As a side note I need to mount my Husky on the rear but don't want to pay stupid prices for a cradle. Any ideas??

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I should of been stripping the steering box but decided to visit freinds in Bexhill instead had a little drink or two last night and ended up stopping the night. Got back today with a stinking hangover and achieved the square root of nothing at all this weekend.

It wa s good night though :o so probably worth it ;)


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