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The latest line in snake oil


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Modern cars use thinner wiring with insulation able to stand more heat than in the good old days and components are designed to work with the greater voltage drop.

Assuming this device does put more voltage on the fuel pump it could in fact be over-driving it.

He does claim you car will pass the MOT with this device fitted, so I'll be getting one because it is cheaper than a new set of tyres.

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reminds me of the guy back in the eighties who had a fuel saving device - which he charged something like £1.00 for plus £3 P&P and he sent them a sheet of paper, and an accelerator sized piece of sticky backed sandpaper - which they stuck on their accelerator pedal.

The instructions stated that by not having feet slipping off the accelerator there wasnt as much need to press so hard on the pedal - therefore saving you money.

There was a moneyback guarantee as well - for the product and not P&P.

He apparently made money out of it with very few returned...

Suspect it was not all it promised !!

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Some of the finest snake oil i've seen for a while.....

The manufacturer will have sized the wire to be appropriate to the load being fitted to it, be that a fuel pump, a head light or whatever- this will be one of the fundamental design tasks carried out in the design of the electrical system.

"If your engine does not receive enough fuel at high-rpm, it can melt pistons and destroy your engine in seconds. Protect yourself now!"

How many destroyed engines are you aware of because the fuel pump didn't deliver flow? Personally I have never heard of it. The fuel systems on modern diesels usually puts far more flow out than the injector system needs and ends up bleeding back fuel to the tank.

The quality of the kit looks poor to my eyes... Unsealed crimps to join the fuse to the main wire, and scotchlock connectors- hardly suitable to handle high currents under the bonnet reliably.

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I'm just wondering if this idea will fix my temperamental starting issue.

I have the 300tdi EDC, the starter always spins fine, but sometimes due to the voltage drop from the starter drawing too much power the FIP doesn't squirt any fuel out.

I'm just wondering if this idea would help - I've got a few relays kicking about

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I can't believe no-one's spotted the biggest flaw in this setup... a finger of fudge to the first one to get it.

Sotal - No. :P I suspect your fault is something else and definitely not worth hacking into your loom for.

It doesn't specify where the relay is operated from, but if it's from the ignition supply the crash cutout will be bypassed.

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I would've thought most fuel pumps are specced to delivery more than enough flow & pressure as standard, fuel pressure regulator will take care of the excess.

34% voltage drop across the loom?! I have my doubts and wouldn't the loom be cooking as the lost energy has to go somewhere? (in theory :unsure: )

I guess the existing feed to the pump is used to power the relay coil so should cut out in a crash.

Where's the relay socket? exposed connections on that relay don't look good!

Is the fuel pump was failing to deliver the correct flow, any engine running closed loop lambda sensor should sense that the mixture is too lean and increase the pulsewidth / fuel trim of the injectors until correct. If this is not reached and the maximum limits are reached would a stock ECU not flag a fault code? (also :unsure: )

Still bet they're going like hotcakes at the local chavshop :lol:

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fuel pressure regulator will take care of the excess.

Finger of fudge to TomG!

90% of the fuel is returned to the tank by the FPR unless you're absolutely balls-out, so increasing the flow will do absolutely nothing other than send more fuel round in a circle.

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