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Urgent Question : WOLF 110 V8


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I was also thinking all Wolfs are Tdis. There are a couple of Wolf ambulances here and they are Tdi's, if there was a V8 option I would have thought the ambulance would have got it to make the extra weight travel at a respectable speed :) the old ambulances were always V8s.

Loads of mil Land Rovers here but all except the Wolfs are civilian spec ones.

Maybe it has had a conversion??

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What is the engine type in these ?

Is it a 3.9 EFI or something else, if so what is the ignition system please ? EFI Carb ?? 12v 24V ???


All Wolf 90/110 XD's are 300Tdi's.as is the 130 Pulse ambulance, the earlier 130 ambulance was V8 we still have one at Culdrose where I work.

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Ok then.

there seems to be a

110 'military' LR fitted with a 3.9 on carbs, but with a EFI ignition system, ie not carbs,

...............but I am having a b*ggers own job finding out

what they are ................

which country...............

and spec ?................

Anyone know now ?.


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well I've just called GOD's SWMBO and she said they were all TDi's too :P

No no no! you got it all wrong! God only deals with the blessed people that are the Americans, and as we all know they only buy American rubbish like Humvee's, so what's the geezer up-stairs going to know about Wolf's ??!?? :D

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