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Booklet fundraiser

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Invite members to write their own pieces for the book - pieces that have not been posted online - so that we might have some unread content for those of us that spend way too much time on here :D

Everyone has a different experience of their first truck, first repair or first timeoff road etc., and its good to hear other peoples stories.

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'A forum member' was helping me replace his gearbox. The rear prop was removed and he was undoing the countersunk screw that holds the hand brake drum to the flange. Just that little bit too late I warned him that the drum could just fall off as it did so and landed square on his forehead :)

I was helping Ralph to replace his clutch. Gearbox was out of the way and I was lying on my back - removing the clutch cover bolts, when he decided to brush the dirt off the chassis rails :(

Then there was the wierd electrical fault when I replaced V8_Freaks fuel tank and accidentally nipped the wiring loom between the tank edge and the chassis :)

Then there's the 15mm 'thing' :unsure:

Les :)

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The booklet might also carry some serious stuff, for example, my post about my angle grinder accident brought out a lot of good tips on using tools safely.



Thats a very good idea! Certainly made lots of people (me included) think!

Another few things to go in, because they are a nice read... the tales of Maverik and bringing his 90 home.

What about the writings of that american lady with the LWB series? Cant remember her name/forum name.

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booklet sounds like a great idea, had a disco 1 for just over a year and 1 memorable MOT with a few darwin incedents. I am sure that you could do more than a booklet of mishaps if you talk to everyone who owns and maintains their own landy, probably be able to do a monthly mag. :P

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