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DIsco Insurance


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I'm in NR6... 41 yrs old... £348. Fully Comp, Incl Euro Breakdown. "Sureterm Direct".

and... I'm told them about all my mods (i.e. 30% increased engine power, roof tent etc).

If your car is >15 yrs old - and you spent time doing it up (i.e. it's worth more to you than the Glass's guide price) - ask for "agreed value" insurance too.



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Sureterm wouldn't give me a quote as I do more than 9k a year mileage.

NFU wanted 600 but forgot to ask about mods. When I mentioned them she had to call me back!... Still waiting for the call.

Hastings, Who insure my dad's Td5 for £400, came back with another £800 quid quote...

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Got my Discovery 1 yesterday! Lovely motor. Tried to insure it today and I'm getting absolutely stiffed.

£800! 39yrs old, no claims, no points, no losses, 10 years NCB. What's all that about?


Anyone got any ideas please?

Hastings Direct 10,000 miles ayear,fully comp.RH14 POST CODE.£226.89

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I found Adrian Flux to be the cheapest. I'm 34, 8 years ncd, 6 points :ph34r: , under £500 and thats a commercial use policy with unlimited mileage. My old modded disco was similar cost with all mods listed.

Current disco is standard. Also the breakdown cover is cheap and really good. I've used them several times :rolleyes: , always arrive quickly and either got me going or home. Even this

week got me home then the next day took my disco 30 miles to the garage for me for free! Best breakdown service I'd used.

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Well i'm having the same problem with high quote's. For my disco 300 V8 with mods (lift kit and wheels/tyres), limited to 5000 miles, as second car and with me being 28, 3 years ncb

Adrian Flux just told me it would cost £938 :o

I dont even pay half that for my 200 bhp honda crx.... Whats the world coming to. And i can see why people drive around without insurance

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I have a multi-car policy that covers all 3 vehicles, for myself, my wife, and my wife, and it costs me less than £1k for the lot.

It is through Admiral.

04 320D MSport Coupe (main driver is me, FNC, 31 yrs old) Limited to 5000 miles

98 1.9 Z3 (main driver is the wife, FNC, 31 yrs old) Limited to 3000 miles

98 Disco V8 LPG Conv (main driver is me, NO No Claims) Limited to 2000 miles (but definitely going to increase)

Couldn't believe prices when I moved to them, Disco only added £250 to policy.


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Frank Pickles for my D1, 300TDi - brilliant people, about £138 on a limited mileage policy

Adrian Flux for the Fun Prevention Officer's F2 - cheap, but you get what you pay for and unlikely to renew with them.... long story and possibly unique but a change of vehicle (simple, you think...) turned into an hour long farce... Not impressed...

D4 Commercial... through the company, so the cheapest of the lot as far as I am concerned!

More seriously... Frank Pickles ONLY do modded vehicles through their scheme... hope you get sorted!

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Well it looks like Frank Pickles will be getting my pennies.

I got quoted £229.98 fully comp for my disco V8 with all mods as my second car limited to 5000 miles.

Which also happens to be half the price of the next cheapest.

If more people are turning to Frank Pickles for insurance after hearing about good deals others are getting, they should also say that they are members of LR4x4.com

That way in the future they might give a small discount to forum members. :D

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