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So whats the best way of doing it (and Toyn dont say dont bother use Halfords paint instead!!!)

As my truck cab isint going anywhere for a while thought i may as well giove it a coat after a chassis rub down. i have the spray applicator thing which works (sort of) but you are for ever rewarmingt he fluid or clearing the nozzle, plus the bottom of the tin has just popped out for pressure so i guess its on its way out, the other one i had rusted through a the bottom (thats a good advert!)

So is there an approved/successful way of using a compressor to apply the stuff? its obviously quite thick so would need something sprayer wise with LR type tolerances, anyone got anything they have found to work?

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As advised by our good friend Dougal just thin it with white spirit and apply with a gunk gun. Dead easy to apply but be careful of the large waxoil cloud that envelopes the workspace that chokes you and obscures your vision at the same time (mind I did manage to shift some stuff through the old gunk gun).

Doing it outside may be better for your health but it can result in neighbours calling the police to report a terrorist attack and toxic clouds.

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Yus white spirit is ok and better than warming it up. If you don't have an underseal / Schutz gun then you can get away with an ordinary spray gun too. Machine Mart and the like sell sub twenty quid underseal guns that include an extension probe for getting into all those internal nooks and crannies. The DIY hand applicators that they sell for Waxoyl are something of a joke but if you don't have a compressor then you are somewhat limited.

Oh, and don't forget a plastic sheet to catch all the drips :)

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I have the shutz gun for my compressor. It has worked fine when just using the main gun. The problem I have had is when I want to use the hose extension for getting inside the chassis. Despite lots of heating and some white spirits, it still won't run. As the pressure builds, it just pores out of the top of the gun through the safety hole. :(

What sort of mix of white spirit/waxoyl do people use for the extension? Any other suggestions?

Does adding a lot of white spirit have a negative effect on the waxoyl or does it just evaporate in time?

I am sure this info will help James as well so not hijacking his post! ;)

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did mine again yesterday. Bloody awful job.

I have one of those waxoyl pump spray things, it's ok, the trick it to keep the waxoyl in a bucket of hot water. Sprays (and runs...and drips....) fine then. Chassis was hammarited 18 month ago and waxoyled on top, then just topped up the waxoyl yesterday. Still looked good underneath.


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Very interesting reading about waxoyl/spirit/zinc etc etc , i've applied it myself and had it applied "properly" at a garage and noticed my chassis continuing to rust and the wax peel away,it seems to encourage water retention where it flakes off, even although chassis scrubbed and deflaked. i have also red leaded one lorry chassis , used oil and soot mixtures, rubberised chip spray, and nothing has worked. I ran out of ideas. I have a new (er) landrover now and have been back reading all the posts on the various treatments and conflicting advice. Finally today I phoned a guy who sprays and has done, does, this stuff for a living and he told me it was all a complete waste of time, rust will still come at the same rate whatever is used and to just give up and accept it , the treatments just hide it. He suggested perhaps use "Shutz" the black sooty stuff to make the underside look pretty at least while it slowly rusts away at the same rate . It appears that a full galvanised chassis is the only expensive answer. I have decided just not to bother now, keep my clothes and face, hair and eyes clean and keep the cash. (Love to hear of any new treatments that might work apart from the ones I mentioned though).

I have heard mention of some electronic device you attach to the chassis made in USA that prevents the chemical reaction from happening ???

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Yes it does prevent rust. I had a billet crankshaft that has been on the shelf since 1986, it was dipped in waxoyl and stuck on the shelf ina very damp shed, when I cleaned a jornal last year it was like new. My chassis was repaired stripped and sprayed with waxoyl in 2000, it's completely rustless on the outside, I do repsray it[without cleaning it I have to say] every few years, takes a few minutes to squirt another coat on.

I spray the outside bits with a shutz gun, I thin the waxoyl for this and use a shortened nozzle; it puts out a lot of volume of waxoyl and will cover my brother from five feeet;-)

I also use a home made pot. It's really crude. It's made from the bottom of an old acrow with a bolt on lid. I put a length of the thin tube out of and old GSXR front end thru the 'lid', the tube has holes drilled above the 'water line' so it acts like an emulsion tube and there is a fitting in the lid and I screw a blow gun on it. I have a 4m length of 4mm nylon on the emulsion tube, a nozzle was made from a brake fitting and a bleed nipple. I have used thinned waxoyl in it, but found I can heat the pot with a blow torch and when the waxoyl is hot it's viscocity is low enough. I get a wet coat out of the nozzle, it is like paint, it puts out a sort of iregular circular pattern that must be almost 6inch diam at about 6inchs distance[works amazingly well for what it is]. This is really good for getting in small inacessable places[under the battery tray comes to mind]. I keep meaning to have a look at the wands that are sold for schutz gins, I don't see how they work without an emulsion tube in there somewhere?

You can steam clean waxoyl off.

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