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T-Max or Superwinch? or another kind?


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i have been looking at winches, as i feel the time has come to invest in one.

NOT, so i can go round, get stuck and say "YES, i have a winch"
because quite frankly i have something better... a wench

But i want a winch because

A: i live on a farm, and as we all know, a winch is a very handy thing to have, not only for pulling, but for lifting, or moving things, or when my sister parks in my space...
B: I do go off road quite a lot, and as a result, i get stuck, now, usually its probably quicker to get towed out, but sometimes that isnt an option.
C: when off road with the club, we do come across some strange "stuckages" i.e. slid onto a tree, and need pulling away from the tree to then drive round it wthout damaging either tree, or vehicles.
D: i do mechanicing, and sometimes, i have to pull japanese pickups, with siezed bottome ends etc, onto a trailer to bring them to my workshop. and then winch it onto my ramp using a pulley system.

E: i live near tissington ford, and therefore have had to in the past, get my feet wet attaching a towrope to my vehicle (yes i know i could attach it first, but, really.... who is actually clever enough to have foresight. But with a winch, i could freespool it out enough, throw it in upstream of the strandee, and get them to attach it as a forefit for having an inferior motor.

SO, now i have explained myself, (and most importantly justified it to my concience)......

i have come to the conclusion that (because my vehicle is reasonably light, i wont need a HUGE winch, at 1.3 tons its a baby in reality. but ill need one big enough to go fishing in the ford, or pull a trooper off a tree etc..

most discoverys have a 9500lb winch, this seems ample for what i want, and most are reasonably priced. I wont be using it every day, nor particularly harshly, therefore i was looking at the lower end decent brand winched, i.e. the Superwinch TS9500 and the T-Max EW9500.

so to cut a seemingly long and pointless story short, these are the 2 winches i have shortlisted, at around the right price (250-350max), and the right power.

what does everyone on here think, youre welcome to suggest better options if you can think of any. i just want to know im buying something decent. so experiences of each type (even if not the same weight rating) would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks ralph.

An EP9 is a bit out my price range really but they are very good winches.

and Daan, if its a load off your mind, the winch will be mounted as that it is completely hidden, until its in use, (hiding under front scuttle, and a recessed fairlead in a standard but strengthened bumper, and the number plate will cover the fairlead when not in use.

I too dont want to have a big electric winch sat proud and shiny... (not only for looks, but it also shouts STEAL ME)

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and, a PTO winch isnt really an option on mine because of the TDI engine (pulley is not in the right place) and the TDo type PTO winches drive off the back of the transfer box, where i have my overdrive. which i am not prepared to get rid of!

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My 2p worth, buy 2nd hand. Warn lowline or a Husky, both crop up at sensible money. If you realy want to buy new, Goodwinch TDS is hard to beat.

If you want to work the winch round the farm, and do "proper" winch work, get steel cable.

Edited to add, seen what was posted above while I was writing this.

Buy the Husky, bit slow but a proper worker.

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i wasnt really looking at second hand to be honest, because you never know what theyre like inside, and while chances are theyll be fine, it could cost me more than buying a new winch in the long run. obviously not if i bought a cheese winch. which is why i was asking on here for reccomendations and reviews on the 2 i had suggested.

by the sounds of reccomendations though the best new winch to go for would be a TDS (but id rather the goldfish if i were to have one) do they do a non "bridged" goldfish?

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Yes, it was the goldfish I meant, I think you can get them unbridged.

2nd hand winch is easy enough to check before purchase.

I'd seriously think about the Husky that roguevogue's selling, I have no connection with the seller but I know through experience the Husky is a tough winch. Worth rebuilding even if worn to the point you'd chuck a cheaper winch away.

Just my opinion.

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Husky or Tds (Goldfish). I've had both and rate them very highly.

If you buy either second hand, the most you're likely to need to replace is the motor. David Bowyer sells Tds's with BowMotor 2 upgrades, so I suspect he has a supply of the original motors and they are likely to be less expensive! There is not much to go wrong with the rest of the internals - so a combination of a second hand winch and a new motor would give you something every bit as good as a new winch at a bargain price!


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